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Anal Overload brazzers – Summer Hart


Anal Overload
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Redhead Summer Hart might look like an innocent cutie but deep down she’s fiery as hell! Summer shows off all her best features in an adorable little workout outfit; her big natural tits and thicc ass bounce as she teases the camera. Summer moves to the bed where she vibes herself until her pussy is dripping wet. Now she’s ready for the real thing! Xander Corvus lends her a hand and fills every hole with his throbbing cock. Summer screams out for more and won’t be satisfied until she’s drained the last drop of cum from Xander’s hard cock!

but I’m the seventeen-year-old son of a real estate salesman and a stay-at-home mom with a penchant for stagecraft and costumes. Up until… half a year ago? I lived with my mother, father and ten-year-old sister Aubrey in Cheyenne. One Thanksgiving Holiday, we were on our way to our grandparents’ farm bordering Grand Teton National Park when something strange (that’s the only way I can accurately describe it) happened and our SUV went from a country road to a rough hillside choked with mossy shrubs, and we ended up slanted to the left, and the sun changed places in the sky, and crisp autumn air from the window was replaced with a sort of… I don’t know, it was different. We were all confused of course, more so when soldiers armed with spears and shields appeared and took us away.

Because To make a long story short, we somehow ended up teleporting or warping or magicaling… God that sounds stupid, into this antiquated but somewhat exotic land called Caelum. More accurately, we ended up on the outskirts of Vinea Urbus, west of the citadel city of Arcis Caelum, capital of the Caelum Kingdom that occupies the North Talam region of the Thiar Talam continent on… and they didn’t actually have a word to describe “the world;” didn’t even have a concept for “planet.”

We pressed a little, but the most they would ever say was: “All is Talam.” So I guess this world is Talam, and we came from Earth. That house was fine, but the lack of plumbing was definitely a sore point. Luckily for us, Dad had studied engineering in college before finding employment in real estate.

He only had trouble once*, In short aside from that, our new lives were actually quite comfortable.

*The spot of trouble involved Dad promoting the practical use of the arch, which the people of Caelum were initially against due to the southern Cumas Ladir Empire adopting the arch as a symbolic aesthetic.

Furthermore, Mom, mostly out of boredom, started sewing shirts, pants and dresses in the American fashion. These made us stick out a bit, but more than a handful of our “new fellow countrymen” took an interest in the “Keaton fashion” (gah).

We ended up making a home in the costal city of Oram Portus (at the behest of Felix Iudex, Eleventh King of Caelum; he’s alright) and Dad instantly got to work renovating the busy port. Aside from the culture shock, not to mention the entire ordeal of going POOF new world, the only real difficulty for us was the written language. While the spoken language, thankfully, was English with the exception for the names, the written Caelum alphabet required some mental gymnastics in order to actually read. But It took me a couple of months to get used to it… at least, about sixty days worth? The calendar is different here too.

Porn Stars: Summer Hart / Xander Corvus