Which Parts of Girls Men are Mostly Attracted to?

Hi dear! I hope you’re having a good day. Today I’ve come up with an interesting topic. Every person has a dream to understand their partner's mind completely so that they can predict them. It gives a supreme feeling of security that you know what’s running inside your partner's mind.


Most girls think that guys are attracted to their boobs and pussy, but that’s not true. The feeling, which we identify as attraction is either psychological or sexual. A couple is attracted to each other in both ways, while in relationships without romance like siblings, or friends, only mental or psychological attraction works. When a person is sexually attracted to the opposite sex, they're not necessarily attracted to the sexual organs like the penis or pussy. Their appearance, look and other things play pivotal roles behind the attraction.


Now you might be thinking that I’m talking illogically. Because everyone has certain sexual preferences like big boobs, thick thighs or masculine bodies etc. When we look for nude gifs, we filter the results by our choice and preferences. But a guy could turn on by seeing a girl's smile or the way she looks or talks. A man can have a boner by seeing you or your pictures and still can dislike you, that's not sexual attraction. If he’s attracted to you sexually (even if not emotionally), he’ll find you irresistible.


When a man makes love with his partner, he adores every inch of her body and touches every single hair she has on it. And by going deep inside her, he tries his best to reach those parts that he can’t touch or adore.  If you don't believe it, watch Halley Berry nudes.


Although I’m not saying that men are difficult to predict or understand. You can see through his soul by looking at his eyes if you’re capable of it. And if you really can, you’ll see how deep and precious a man’s heart could be!