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Brazzers – Day With A Pornstar: Nikki – Nikki Benz


Day With A Pornstar is back and first up is Nikki Benz! Get up close and personal with your favorite porn star as we take her out to the desert for some dune buggy action, followed by some hardcore action.
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To begin with, it was my second year in college. I made a lot of friends. Most of the girls in my class were already in a relationship. It was in the evening when classes are finished. I had no interest in love until a day when I first saw her. She was dusky but with quite a lot appealing look. ‘Damn! who is she?’ I whispered.

‘Hey! Smriti’ someone yelled at her. It was at this moment I recalled myself, like in the movies when the Hero feels delighted to know the name of the Heroine. I was surprised to see that the one who called her was my friend from the other section. She didn’t even care to introduce her to me until then.

I looked surprised and broke free saying.

Me: Hey Divya, how are your classes going?.

Divya: Everything is pretty good other than the boring Math class. How about you?

(In the meantime, Smirti seems to be going along after saying goodbye to Divya).

Me: Well, it’s kind of boring. So, are we not gonna talk about your friend? (I looked at her friend passing by)

Divya: I know you will ask about her. Her name is Smirti she’s my classmate.

Me: Really? You never told me you had a friend like that.

Divya: You never asked me. ( She said smilingly)

Me: Is there an Insta ID or Snapchat of her that I can request? ( I asked her like a mad man)

Divya: Dude Calm down. She will be in my follower’s list, find yourself. (She laughed)

(I searched indefinitely for her id.)

Me: Got ya. And I showed her the follow request.

Divya: Would be great if you have shown this interest in studies

Porn Stars: Johnny Sins / Nikki Benz