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[ brazzers ] Dining On The Masseur’s Dick


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The sexy Blondie Fesser and her boyfriend go out to a strange restaurant, that has a window into the adjacent massage parlor. Brazzers but Jordi has a sweet gig, doubling as the masseur who gives his sexy customers full service and as a waiter in the restaurant who gets to pick up beautiful women. Jordi flirts with Blondie and brings her over to the massage parlor, all under the nose of Blondie’s oblivious boyfriend. By the time BF figures out what’s happened, Jordi is already getting ready to fuck Blondie on the massage table.

“Yep,” I said, “get to it, we Brazzers don’t have all night. After about an hour or so of pretty much non-stop dick sucking, she ran out of whip cream. It was about that time that the Pres approached with the flute a little over two thirds full of cock juice. “How many did you get?” I asked.

“Sixteen,” he replied, “is it enough?”

She was standing up as I approached, Brazzers and I had to smile when I saw all the slobber down her chin and neck. “The guys have made a special COCKtail for you,” I announced as I held up the flute.

“Is that what I think it is?” she asked, eyes wide with wonder and surprise.

“Sixteen?” Sherry asked, mouth agape in shocked surprise.

“Yep, sixteen,” I answered but as a mischievous smile spread across her face as she took the flute from me.

“It’s still warm!” She exclaimed.

“Of course, madam,” I replied in my haughtiest British accent. “Nothing but the freshest for our honored guest.” She turned and looked at the crowd and held up the glass.

“Bottoms up,” she Brazzers said as she put the flute to her lips. because She tilted her head back and downed it in three big gulps. And the crowd went WILD!

I took her over to the bar where I had put her clothes. “Hey, wait!” so the president said as she was getting dressed. “Can we get a group photo?”

“Weeeeellll… OK,” she said, “just one.” so They assembled behind her as I took the shot. She got dressed and we said our goodbyes and left.

Now if some of you doubt this story, Brazzers I suggest you search the frat house basements in our town. Because if you do, in one of them, you’ll find a framed photo of a very hot, half-naked redhead holding an empty champagne flute surrounded by a group of frat brothers…