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Brazzers – Morning Glory – Josephine Jackson


Josephine Jackson gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom, stripping out of her PJs and freshening up in the tub when her roommate’s boyfriend, Angelo Godshack, accidentally walks in on her. Angelo’s apologetic but Josephine doesn’t seem to mind; she’d rather get a look at what he’s hiding under his towel! After seeing Angelo’s big hard cock, Josephine lets Angelo bathe, but she sticks around to peep on him while rubbing her pussy before she heads to her bedroom to finish up. But Angelo clearly can’t get over what he just saw and decides to pay Josephine a visit. When he sees her naked in bed, ass up on all fours, he slips his dick inside her pussy for some surprise morning sex!
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“I am afraid I might be falling for you too.  We really can’t allow ourselves to fall in love.  We really want different things.
“Then, even though I can’t really call you my girlfriend, we’ll only sleep with each other?”

“Yes, there’s nobody else I want to do this with, Layla.  Keep in mind, I live at home, and I basically have my old life and buddies from high school.  But hey, we can still remain great friends!  You’re still welcome at my house for dinner and such.  Hey, maybe if my folks ever go out for a night, we can romp at my house”

“I think that’d be great, Jimmy”.

So we just laid down and watched tv, and fell asleep.  The next morning, we went out to breakfast but I had to work, so I dropped Layla off and headed off to work.  We’d run into each other on campus – she was making friends and while I had my few friends on campus, I was really more attached to my high school buddies.  I’ll talk about the halloween party and the aftermath next 🙂