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[ brazzers ] Sex Doll Surprise


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Gogo Fukme is fooling around with hot blond girlfriend/mistress Bunny Colby. When boyfriend Van Wylde comes home early, the girls have to think fast,

which leads to Gogo disguising Bunny as one of the sex dolls she collects. This fools Van, but Bunny has to keep up Sex Doll Surprise the charade longer than expected

when Van puts the moves on Gogo and they start fucking. Bunny eventually gets tired of acting like a doll while her friend gets a good dicking; so she reveals herself to Van and a hot threesome begins.

After another drink, the stories just came pouring out of her,

Sex Doll Surprise I think she was doing it on purpose. But she told me how my parents had

made her leave home when they caught her in the garage

getting fucked by a couple of the little boys in the neighborhood. They sent her to live with my aunt and uncle in another town. She told me how much she hated my uncle for the things he did.

then in her hot little mouth. Being a virgin, and only having experiences with Sex Doll Surprise my right hand,

and a few dirty magazines, my dick was so hard I could cut diamonds!

A few minutes later, she passed out in her chair. he thought, I’d better get her to bed, since I don’t want my niece seeing her like this. I picked her up and carried her in her bedroom and Sex Doll Surprise laid her on the bed. she started to leave the room, but the alcohol had taken effect and I figured I’d have a little fun.

we slowly unbuttoned her blouse and laid it open. Sex Doll Surprise She was wearing a white, lacy bra underneath and I could see her dark nipples under the thin lace. I shook her a little to see if she would wake up and nothing, no movement. I turned her over and removed her blouse and unhooked her bra.

Porn Stars: Bunny Colby / Gogo Fukme / Van Wylde