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Brazzers – Sexy Dentist Knows The Drill – Monique Alexander


Danny D is looking forward to his dentist appointment so much Brazzers that he’s even bought flowers for his sexy doctor, Monique Alexander. He enjoys the way she shamelessly flirts with him and how much cleavage she shows during their routine check-up together. But when he sees how Monique is with another patient, Danny thinks he’s wasting his time trying to score with her. Will Ms. Alexander be able to appease Danny D and give him Brazzers the special treatment he’s seeking?

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giggled saying “you guys have done well tonight regardless of your precious age, but do you think you could ever do it again soon?”He kissed me again on the cheek saying “Don’t you worry about us, we still have lots of Viagra left, and I have other friends who are as hung to make your pussy change the cock taste next time”I looked at the envelops in my purse, then looked him back in the eyes with a wide smile saying “I cannot deny I have enjoyed it a lot tonight, you bet I will call you back soon”

He kissed me again, giggling and saying “and I have dozens of the same type of envelope, even fatter and thicker ones”

I thanked them, walked out to my car, could not wait to open the envelope to find a fortune of money in there, enough to make me call him back soon enough and fuck him with all his friends in any way they wanted to fuck me.

Porn Stars: Danny D / Monique Alexander