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Brazzers – Sins Life Part Three – Aidra Fox, Dahlia Sky, Kissa Sins


Johnny woke up this morning with a note from his girlfriend Kissa Sins telling him she had a sexy Brazzers surprise waiting for him at the hotel where they first fucked. But how could he have guessed that surprise was actually two extra girls to join them in bed! Dahlia and Aidra had spent the morning rolling around in bed, getting so horny they could Brazzers barely stand it. So when Johnny showed up packing massive heat in his pants, Aidra and Dahlia competed for the chance to suck him off, and shared the wealth with a sloppy double blowjob. Kissa jumped in the mix, bouncing her thick booty on the rod, while the girls ate each other out. The swapping and sharing in this raunchy foursome continued all day until Johnny nutted a fat facial on all their faces.
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When they finally were done with me, they took me to the back of the building and hosed me off. I can still hear their laughter as they drenched me with the cold water. When they bent me over and stuck the hose up my ass, one guy snickered at how easily it fit and how much of the hose they got in me. Once back inside, they gave me a see-thru net two piece bra and panty outfit to put on.
Then I was taken back to my car and thrown in the trunk again. The music started to play in my ear again and I guess I passed out. When I was woken, I was dragged passed some guys and into a motel room. I heard a couple of them say something about the whore is finally here and she’s really hot. They had me open my mouth and sprayed some stuff in it. It tasted different.

As I was sitting on the bed Tito said, “You’ve done real good Puta. Even better then Geri.  I’m sure you’ll get enough of it to drink the rest of the night. Just to let you know that we have over 2 hours of you fucking. We will be happy to share with your work, family, friends and load on the internet for all to see what a slut you really are. I’m sure they would like seeing you air tight with four cocks in you.
But first we have to know that you will behave and follow instructions, before we send you out on the street. The rest of the weekend you’ll be here as a cheap whore, servicing the many truckers and servicemen that will stop by. I hope you will enjoy yourself too. But if you don’t, that will be on you. One last thing, you will not raise your head and look at anyone who is fucking you. Always look down or away. You got that Puta?”