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[ brazzers ] Taking Over For The Early Blaster


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Violet Myers is getting it on with her man Sam Shock,

when she hears a dick sucking echo coming from the hallway. Violet decides to play sleuth and watches as roomie Kayley Gunner takes an early cum blast to the face. While Kayley sits brazzers in her disappointment, Violet comes up with a plan. She grabs her trusty strap-on and kicks the quick-cummer out the door. Sam is left waiting with his dick in his hands and grows impatient. When he finds Kayley getting it on with Violet, he tried to lure her away with his raging boner. Eventually Kayley decides to slip out on Violet and take a ride on Sam’s disco stick. Violet, now left with her strap-on hard and handy, goes looking for Kayley and finds her ass up sucking Sam’s cock. but Not the jealous type, Violet surprises brazzers.

Kayley from behind and the three go on to fuck each other’s brains out. Teamwork makes the dream work!

I was sitting in the living room, but waiting for my mom to come home. This new job of hers meant that she was spending a lot of time hobnobbing with new clients, leaving me to house-sit all evening. It was really boring. You’d think that having the house to myself on a Saturday brazzers would be a dream for an eighteen-year-old, but none of my friends lived close enough

for them to come over, I couldn’t go anywhere myself either. but It almost felt like being grounded, except that my internet privileges hadn’t been revoked brazzers.

Having my Xbox made the wait easier, but I eventually got bored with that too. This house-sitting thing had happened a few times recently,

but brazzers and playing the same games over and over was only entertaining for so long. What I really wanted to do was go to the gym, go running or drive in to town and hang out. that’s what was starting to bother me.