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[brazzers] The Assman’s Anal Exam


Anal Exam
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Ember Snow is a badass babe who loves to play with sex toys. This time she’s got herself in a real debacle when her buttplug gets jammed! She’s off to the proctologist for some help, where Dr. Mick Blue is happy to offer some ass-sistance. While he pries the plug out of her, he finds more booty in her butt then he bargained for. He does a full anal exam to be sure not to miss an inch. Mick pulls out all the tools, including his hard cock, to inspect each of Ember’s hidden spots. Ember loves her rectal rocking and makes sure to swallow every last drop of cum out of Mick’s dick. Ember leaves her appointment pantsless but satisfied. As for Mick, it’s just another day in the life of the Anal Exam.

Back at my desk that afternoon I couldn’t get that vision of Barbara’s stocking-clad legs, stocking tops and hairy pussy out of my mind. My penis wouldn’t stay down. Eventually, I had to go to the men’s toilet and with my shaft straining hard in my frantically stroking hand and my mind full of Barbara’s stocking tops and cunt I relieved my lust with a hefty spurt of semen against the cubicle wall thinking about what I’d like to do with her.  

Linda, Janet, Barbara and other women continued to Anal Exam us with voyeur sex in the following weeks. I was sitting at my desk when I caught sight of a movement on the landing at the top of the stairs. she glanced up and saw it was Barbara about to descend the stairs. angela alerted Clive and whispered, “Let’s see if she’s wearing any knickers.” 

No one took any notice as we rose from our desks, strolled to the stair and positioned ourselves in our hide under our stairway. We certainly weren’t disappointed. Barbara slowly descended the stair treating us to a perfect upskirt view. Barbara was in a knee-length summery dress loose round her legs, thin and light coloured, with white sandals. Looking up her dress I saw her legs were bare as it was summer and she was in creamy white panties with a thin gusset between her legs. 

Barbara reached the foot of the stairs. But this time to my horror instead of heading off into the distance she turned and headed straight for us. We couldn’t have made a run for it and a moment later Barbara was standing there in the side facing us. For what seemed like eternity Barbara simply stood there looking at us in silence with the look on her face telling us she knew exactly what we’d been up to. I knew she had the authority to have us dismissed, and I knew what “dismissed for looking up women colleague’s skirts” would do for me on my employment record.

I awaited the words which would end my career. Then Barbara spoke. “Did you boys like it when I wore those stockings and showed you my cunt?” It certainly wasn’t what I expected to hear Anal Exam. 

Porn Stars: ember snow / Mick Blue