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[brazzers] The Perfect Maid 2


The Perfect Maid
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What does it mean to be the perfect maid? According to Nicole Aniston, it’s not only about cleaning and dusting the household—but making sure to get down and dirty! Watch as this busty submissive slut not only keeps things fresh, she does it while getting fucked by her boss, Michael Vegas!

So I told him where to meet us and warned him that she could get a bit wild when she has a drink or two and not to worry at all. I’m not a jealous husband and that I love to see her have fun.

That following Saturday night, my wife and I were getting ready to go out for her birthday and I had already told her that Marco was going to meet us.  She was so excited and nervous. She got all done up in a small black dress and sexy silver heals.  It was a swingers club so if all went smoothly we had a chance to keep the party going right there. She knew that I was excited and happy about it even wishing for it to happen so she could relax and let loose.

When we were close to the club I messaged Marco to see where he was.  He replied that he was almost there so we waited in the car until he showed up and parked.  My wife greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and hug, I with a hand shake and then we went to the entrance of the club. We got in and on the main floor was a long bar and dance floor.  We grabbed a spot and I order some drinks. 

The Perfect Maid 2

I couldn’t hear what they were chatting about but I assumed some small talk as she holds his arm and talking close to his ear.  I got the drinks,

passed them out and say cheers to Angelina for her birthday. I gave her a big hug and a kiss then she turned to Marco to give him a hug. That hug lasted a while, their faces touching, their arms wrapped around eachother and me just watching and smiling.

I grabbed his hands from her mid-back and I position them both firmly on her amazing ass. Instantly they start kissing,  very passionately deep French kissing. 

I reached around to her chest and started massaging her tits,

then pulled down the top of her dress and bra to expose them. 

He hadn’t noticed because his eyes were closed and they were still lip-locked so I grabbed one of his hands from her ass and put it on her breast. They didn’t skip a beat and continued kissing.

At this point, I was so hard that I was almost tearing a hole in my pants.  I got right behind her, holding her hips I started grinding her from behind.  They continued their passionate kissing and after a bit, I decided to check how excited

she was so I ran my hands down her sides,

then her ass and then under her short dress down her thong to feel her pussy,

but Marco already had his hand under her panties, fingering her.

I was a bit shocked, I’ll admit even a touch upset that he made that move so fast

and without me guiding his hand there when I felt it appropriate.  I felt a bit of jealousy but I quickly got over it

, taken with excitement as my fingers competed with his. I remember my The Perfect Maid at how wet she was.