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Brazzers – Why She Likes To Bike – Kali Roses



Kali loves getting out for her daily bike ride. She’s enjoying it even more Brazzers lately that she’s made a couple of modifications – specifically a dildo attached her bike seat. When she pulls in the driveway she sees her Mom’s new boyfriend Keiran working on his truck. She tries to cover up her secret, but he insists on pumping up her bike tire. When he discovers just what Kali has been up to, she decides to get pumped by Keiran’s thick dick. Keiran decides to take Kali for a ride she soon won’t forget!
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“Looks like your cock needs to be wet and my pussy could do with a good eating” she said as she made her way forward until she was sitting on my face with her back to my cock. “Eat my pussy, make me cum, I’ve heard you know what you are doing when it comes to eating pussy. I want to cum all over your face. Make me cum and I might give you my ass.”

My brief career in shop work ended in my early twenties in another town. Shop management was all glory and low pay. I took a job in a local factory with much better wages. I was also living independently and for once, l had money to spend; some of which l intended to spend on cross-dressing after l had seen it in imported and, probably not legal at the time, porn mags.

Like many other people, l had tried dressing in my mother’s clothes and looking at the underwear section of her Littlewoods catalogue which was not very fashionable but a thrill all the same. I wanted to explore and experience my knowledge of this aspect of my sexuality.

My bright idea was to pretend to be going to a fancy dress party where everyone dressed in their opposite gender and buy my clothes at a charity shop. Nevertheless, I wanted to get an idea of what was available and I browsed the racks as secretly as I could as well as looked at everything else that was for sale.

I stood naked in my bedroom, the door firmly locked. Even to my own eyes, the sight of my 19-year-old body was arousing. My breasts were firm and more than filled my small hands. Although they felt weighty, they stood out nicely and my nipples pointed upwards. I ran my palms under them and lightly fingered the tips. God they felt sensitive. I rolled the nipples in my fingers and felt them harden even more. Slowly I slid one of my hands down my belly and toward the tiny triangle of hair between my legs. The brown hair had a nice natural shape; just enough to make me feel womanly.

I ran my finger lightly over my slightly exposed clit and quivered with the strong sensation I felt. As I drank in my own image, I could not help but feel I looked every bit as good as the best-looking girls in the magazines I had once discovered under my brother’s bed. I lay back on my bed and imagined I was posing for a magazine photo shoot. I lay slightly propped on my pillows with my legs together and slightly twisted to the side, as I had seen many girls do in those photos. Then as I watched myself in the mirror, I slowly parted my legs and gradually exposed my open pussy to the world.

I imagined men looking at me in a magazine and felt aroused by the thought of them seeing my most intimate place; moist and open to their view. I imagined the photographer looking turned on, with an erection straining his trousers, as he crouched before me, snapping away. The thought of my body affecting men that way added to my arousal. Gradually as I visualised the man, he morphed and became my brother. This was not completely new to me.

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