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A proper English chap wants to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend Rae Lil Black, but needs her to meet the family first. His brother, Danny D, still lives in the home they grew up in, and he thinks it’s the perfect place to pop the question! Unfortunately for him, Rae takes more than a liking to Danny. As soon as Rae cops a feel of Danny’s giant member through his pants, it’s game over for the proposal. Danny can’t resist Rae (she’s literally perfect!), so the two sneak behind his brother’s back, sucking and fucking until Rae’s drained the last drop of cum from Danny’s cock.

Friday nights were poker nights at my boyfriend’s place.  Jake tended to do pretty well overall, and I usually looked forward to a good fucking after the boys left.  The more he won, the harder he would fuck me, and I loved his larger-than-average cock.  He wasn’t the most considerate guy I’d dated, but I really enjoyed what he did with me in Brother Bangs.

So the night was buzzing along, and Jake was doing quite well.  Several guys had already folded, not just on a hand, but on the night.  It was down to Ron, the only other guy doing remotely as well as Brother Bangs, and Steve, who was betting small and folding early each hand, but seemed to be enjoying Jake and Ron duke it out, hand after hand.

I had started cleaning up just a little, mostly so there would be soft places to fuck with no potato chip bags crinkling once this was all over.  Jake was doing so well, I was already wet thinking about what would happen after Ron and Steve left.  There couldn’t be more than one or two more hands left.

“Call and raise,” Ron said confidently, setting a stack of chips in the center of the pile.

“Oh, c’mon, Ron!” Jake cried out, “You know I’ve got this so you’re bidding me out.  You deliberately put more chips in than you see in front of me.”

“Rules of the game, Jake.” Ron flatly stated.  “Either you match or you fold.”

“So what can I throw on to match?  My guitar?  With the amp?”

Ron shook his head slowly, enjoying watching Jake Brother Bangs.

What came out of Jake’s mouth next, though, made my jaw drop.


I was watching Ron’s face, expecting him to shake his head at whatever Jake offered, but watching his eyebrows raise while my jaw was dropping, made me certain he was going to accept before he even turned his head to look my way.

A wash of sensations flew through me.  If Jake wins, I’m going to have the fucking night of my life!  Jake is willing to bet me as if he owns me!  If he doesn’t win, Ron is going to expect something from me!  If that happens, I’ll do it just to show Brother Bangs what an asshole he is!

Porn Stars: Danny D / Rae Lil Black