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But Can He Handle It?


It’s Friday night, and the ever-horny Lottie Magne and Kylie Green are in a flirty mood brazzers. They head over to their local bar to flirt and tease the bartender Raul Costa. It doesn’t take too long before the two girls are giving a sneaky blow-job to the lucky Raul, unbeknownst to the other customers. When a barfly catches the depraved women doing their dirty business, he’s shocked. But Can He Handle It?, but at least, now that all the patrons left in protest, he can finally bang Kylie and Lotti to his heart’s content.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find out that Collin, one of the boys in our extended group of friends, was also staying Brazzers. The son of a British diplomat and an American entrepreneur, he usually lingered in the periphery. Brooding and closed in himself, Collin rarely spoke. He was aware of me, though, of that I was sure.

I had a small allowance, but absolutely not enough to keep up with their lifestyle, so I joined them rarely and played my favorite game: “Find the cheapest thing on the menu and order it

.” Sometimes it was an espresso, other times – a bottle of mineral water.  This particular time the winner was herbal tea. Collin was right behind me in line and not even five minutes after we sat down, But Can He Handle It complimentary piece of cake, declaring it was Brazzers their hundredth the months or something. It just wasn’t the type of establishment to give away food like that.

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