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DILFs Get Her Wet
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But Coco goes over to study for her college exams with Tyler, her new boyfriend. When Coco sees Tyler’s new stepdad & veritable DILF, Alex– she instantly becomes infatuated with him! Coco hunts Alex through the house, exacting her filthiest fantasies upon him while Nadia – Tyler’s new stepmom – gives him a few tips on how to handle the ladies.

DILFs Get Her Wet, like usual, could not stop apologizing about the dirtiness of her apartment hallway. In Short I decided not to bother her about it. I’d said my piece, and she probably couldn’t help it, being half-Japanese. Apologies, I had noticed, came to her as easily as breathing. “If what you’ve promised me lives up to my expectations,” I simply said, “That will more than make up for having to walk through here.”

“Oh, I promise, you will love this.” She grinned, Because a downward motion of her hand before turning and unlocking her door. The lights were still on in her apartment. “Chelsea, are you ready?”

“I am, Mistress,” came a small, lilting voice from inside. I stepped in right behind Lucianna, careful to close the door quickly to keep any nosy neighbors from noticing us. There, I saw a slightly chubby Latina girl sitting on the floor on her knees in dark red lace lingerie, smiling up at us. She kept looking at me expectantly, her jaw muscles twitching, but said nothing.

“Nice to meet you, Chelsea,” I said to her, kicking off my shoes. “DILFs Get Her Wet.”

“And you must be Mistress’s girlfriend,” she said, moving forward onto all fours and kissing my feet.

I smirked over at Lucianna. “My word, you’ve got her DILFs Get Her Wet.”

Lucianna had taken off her DILFs Get Her Wet and set her purse down. “Don’t let the brown hair fool you. Chelsea’s got the disposition of a golden retriever. She’s eager to please and loves everyone. Training her wasn’t terribly difficult.”

I looked over Chelsea. “And this hair of yours… so exquisitely done. Short enough to be manageable, yet long enough to use as handlebars.”

“Of course, it’s well done!” Chelsea nodded eagerly, “I’m a regular at the Freaky Llama!”

but That caught my attention, and I turned my head slowly to Lucianna, smirking at her. “I guess your job has perks after all. You really know what you’re doing when it comes to this.”