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Grandpas’ Threeway Getaway: Part 2 brazzers


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Continuing where left off in Part 1 – Chris has just been caught banging both Vanna & Lily – Diego has stormed out with Chris & Lily in tow & Vanna has just stumbled upon Chris’ horny grandpa Shaundam jerking off… things are about to get even freakier as the ladies discover the joys of older men! brazzers free porn

I nervously sipped my first beer in the Gladstone Tavern in Toronto. lily was visiting relatives with my parents and needed to get away on my own for a while. she was very nervous because the legal drinking age in Canada at the time was twenty-one years old and I had barely just turned eighteen, which was the legal age in my State of New York. Also, at that time in Canada, Taverns had a ‘Men Only’ side and a ‘Couples’ side. You could only enter the couple’s side if you were accompanied by a female. I, of course, being alone, sat on the Men Only side. After a few draughts and no one asking for proof of age, I started to relax and took in my surroundings.


After speaking back and forth to the guy at the next table, he asked if he could join me. He said that his name was Rick and I told him that I was Jim, from New York and was just visiting relatives in Canada. Rick was a very good-looking guy and I found him very easy to talk to. The place was crowded and noisy, so we had to lean close to each other to be heard. I could really smell his manly cologne as he spoke to me with his lips lightly touching my ear. His jean-covered thigh also accidentally kept rubbing against mine. Strangely, my eighteen-year-old cock started to get hard!


I had hardly any real sexual experience with girls let alone guys, so it never occurred to me that Rick was trying to pick me up. After all, this was a Tavern in a fairly rough part of town and Rick looked like he could handle himself. My misguided impressions at that time were that gay guys all had to be effeminate. I can’t deny that being this close to Rick was turning me on though.


We traded off buying rounds when Rick suggested that we go to his place, which he said was near here, and we wouldn’t have to pay for the beer as he had lots in the fridge at home.


As we drove a couple of blocks, he told me that his roommate Don was a bit of a sissy but was harmless. I started to get suspicious that maybe they were both gay. Strangely, instead of Grandpas, this thought made me horny and hope that I was about to be seduced by men.

I loved to look at naked pictures of women, but I admit to having had a few jerkoff sessions where I fantasized about me sucking a man’s cock, especially while dressed in panties. Of course, I never thought that it would actually happen but now my heart raced as I thought that I just might have my first gay sex with two men.

I was an eighteen-year-old, slim, five-foot-seven young man with a six-inch uncut, slim, smooth cock that seemed to be perpetually hard. I’d always thought that my ass looked very girly and in fact, playing with my beautiful ass was always a part of my frequent jerkoff sessions. If I had any sisters, I knew that I’d be wearing their panties and bras when I jacked off. There was no online shopping in those days to be able to buy lingerie anonymously.


As I entered Rick’s spacious apartment, he introduced me to Don, his very effeminate acting roommate. While Rick was muscular and over six feet tall, Don was slim and slightly taller than me, wearing corduroy men’s pants and a man’s shirt. Although I was slightly disappointed that Don wasn’t dressed girly as I was hoping, I still felt my cock twitch as I watched his cute ass swish over to the fridge to get us beer.

“So, are you guys gay?” I asked, emboldened by the amount of beer that I had consumed.

“Yes, we are, but we’re not currently lovers. We’re sometimes roommates with benefits, and often even share men that we pick up.” Don chuckled, with a slight lisp.

“How about you Jim, I saw you looking at Don’s ass as he got us our beer, and I detected a cute little tent in your pants?” Rick said with a smirk, as my face turned beet red at the thought that other men had noticed that I got a hardon while looking at another man’s ass.

I decided to hell with it and told them that I think that I’m straight but the thought of having sex with them is turning me on so much. I asked Don if he ever dressed girly and that I thought his long legs would look so sexy in nylon stockings and his pert ass was made for panties

“Of course I dress, Grandpas, would you like to get dressed up with me? I sense a submissive side to you and your face is very cute and pretty rather than handsome. Oh, honey, we could be such sexy-looking sluts together!” Don lisped.


“That’s why I picked Jim up, Don. He was so fucking cute and his ass in those tight corduroy pants looked as great as yours. You should have seen him trying to hide his Grandpas while I breathed into his ear and purposely rubbed my thigh against his. I’ll bet I could have pulled my cock out in that crowded Tavern, put it against Jim’s face, and he would have blown me in front of everyone.” Rick laughed, as my face burned red with embarrassment again.


This was moving way too fast! I looked over at Rick, sitting in his oversized leather chair. He had his pants down to his knees and his large cock was tenting his pink panties. Wait, what? Manly looking tough guy Rick was in panties! That made up my mind right then and there to just go with what feels good and to hell with labels. I was going to try to fulfill all my fantasies!


I quickly stripped off my clothes and minced over to Rick with my hard cock sticking out in front and sat on his lap. The exquisite feel of his panties on my bare ass had my hard six-inch cock dripping precum. “Does this answer your question, sweetie? I’d love to dress up girly with you, honey,” I said to Grandpas, using a sissy voice. I wrapped my arms around Rick’s neck and for the first time kissed a man. Rick kissed me back, inserting his tongue into my mouth as his now bare cock pressed against my ass and his hand grasped mine and placed it on his hard cock.


I felt a wetness on my cock as Don, who was now also naked, knelt and engulfed my rock-hard cock in his mouth, deep throating my smooth cock all the way to my cum filled balls while reaching up and pinching my erect little nipples.


I couldn’t believe that I was actually naked, sitting in a naked man’s lap with his hard cock in my hand, kissing and moaning with his tongue in my mouth while ANOTHER naked man had my hard cock in his mouth. This was just so erotic and at the same time forbidden and unacceptable in the world that I grew up in. she felt like such a sissy slut, but was loving it all and wanting much more!


I was afraid that if I had cum, the guilt would take over before lily got to try out all the things that seemed so exciting when I was super horny but fizzle out once I cum. I thought that I may never get this chance again so I was going for it all and I hadn’t even had one of these delicious-looking cocks in my Grandpas yet.


Porn Stars: Jay Crew / Lily Lou / Vanna Bardot