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Like Mother, Like Daughter


Like Mother
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Sarah sneaks in with her boyfriend Kyle, Like Mother they might finally have the house to themselves. On their way in they’re confronted by Sarah’s mom Misty, who’s always had a thing for Kyle. Sarah ignores her mom and pulls Kyle up to her bedroom so they can finally fuck, but she remembers she left her favourite handcuffs in Kyle’s car. Kyle goes to grab them, but he’s grabbed by Misty! This ebony milf drags him to her bedroom so she can finally get what her pussy has been craving: young, hard cock. How will Kyle juggle these two horny babes?

Once Rob and Toby have finished with cumming inside her, they lay down next to the girl. All the other boys left, except one. But you’ve got to suck those guys’ cum out of my pussy first.” James eagerly nods.

He crawls up between her parted legs, burying his face in her crotch. The boy licks up the beads of semen, kissing her puffy labia and eating jizz from her orifice. “That’s it, babe. Eat the creampie and give me another one.”

With his cock now erect again, he climbs on top of her, pressing into her loose snatch. Now inside the tunnel, the boy starts fucking Emilia, thrusting his pole in and out of her used cunt. It doesn’t feel as good for him as it did for the two other boys, since they stretched her out considerably.

with her having trained her Kegel muscles to the point where the difference is only slight. She clenches her vagina around the rod, squeezing it as the other guys lying next to her squeeze her tits. It is a Like Mother second but James still enjoys it, drilling her pussy, his balls slapping into her thick globes of ass flesh.