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More Than Roses For Mother’s Day


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Busty MILF Alexis Fawx is having the worst Mother’s Day ever. After getting all dressed up to celebrate, she discovers that her family has gone out without her. Yikes! Upset, she calls her friend, Katie Morgan, who suggests she come over to commiserate since her family forgot about Mother’s Day too! Once at her friend’s house, Alexis and Katie decide that if their husbands won’t treat them right for Mother’s Day, then they’ll just have to take matters into their own hands.

While the two of them are in the middle of some hot lesbian action, Katie gets a massive bouquet delivered that’s signed “with love” from her new stepson, Juan. As she gushes over the flowers, Alexis can’t help but get jealous and decides to see if Juan has a gift for her too. Although he seems confused at first, swearing that he doesn’t know anything about a flower delivery, he quickly decides to go with the flow as she starts sucking his dick. Unfortunately for Juan and Alexis, Katie walks in at exactly the wrong (or maybe the right!) moment and decides that while the flowers are great, she—like Alexis—really wants his cock (and a threesome) for Mother’s Day.

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Her eyes were teary, she was almost sobbing. “You’re a whore Nina” I despised her. Then I bent over and calmly inserted my middle finger inside her wet pussy. She squirmed and threw her head back. I started working my finger inside her, while I brought my thumb to her clit, that tipped her over the edge, she started kneading her own breasts and then ran them through her hair and back again. My dick was really hard and aching at this moment.

She tried to say something but I could make it out, I didn’t even pause my fingering. With my free hand I wrestled my pants and after putting some effort I was able to drop my pants and boxers to my ankles and kick them away. Nina was far too busy enjoying my fingers to notice this.

She was moaning now. Her boyfriend must’ve been a big show off. Poor Nina had never enjoyed herself this much. I pulled my fingers away and grabbed her thighs a little below the knees and positioned myself between her legs. It was too late when she realized what was, happening I entered her.

She was really tight and wet. She was moaning now more than ever, but I didn’t care about her pleasure. I just wanted to use her youthful body to get off.  I was now on top of her still maintaining my rhythm. Nina felt surprisingly good around me. Her moans became a shrill now. Her body shuddered and jerked, her body was flushed by what felt like the first orgasm she ever had. She was easy enough to satisfy with my experienced cock.

Then I felt my own orgasm building, I increased the pace of my thrusts my readied myself to pull out and explode on her soft breasts, But at that moment something happened out of my control, my thrusts became violent, and I jammed myself deep inside her tight juicy pussy and held it there. My penis throbbed in waves of pleasure. I  exploded inside her. she felt the  release of  thick torrents of semen. I stayed in her a while after my orgasm subsided. Then slowly pulled out, her face was full of horror, but she didn’t dare to complain.

More Than Roses For Mother’s Day brazzers

For the rest of the week Nina never made contact with me. I did see her riding the hellcat with her boyfriend a couple of days after. The car caught my attention. She was in high spirits until she saw me.

At the end of the next week, I was in the kitchen. It was around 10 o ’clock. She came to the kitchen, her eyes careful not to catch mine. It was  time to pay her, I had the check in hand. I went to her and handed it over to her. It brought us to an intimate distance. She tensed but took the check. I gave her space to leave but she stayed.

“Anything else you want”, I asked

“I..urr..It’s…”, she blushed, her eyes going all over the place but careful to avoid my own.

“Tell me what you want Nina”, I was gentle but firm

“It’s nothing Mr. Brown…”

I had an air of authority over her. I used it and raised the summer dress she was wearing up to her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I put it down, didn’t say anything, took her hand and went to my bedroom.

She followed me obediently, in what looked like enthusiasm and longing.