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My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!!


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Musa is visiting his nerdy college girlfriend Delilah Day. Although Delilah is still a virgin, she is sexually curious & willing to do stuff. Musa tries his best to get the prize from her but has to settle for 3rd base. That is – until Kay Carter arrives, Delilah’s hot & hip older sister. Stunning & curvy Kay unknowingly rips the seat of her pants, driving Musa wild at the sight of her bare pussy & ass. Musa is unable to control himself & makes a move. Kay is first shocked & then turned on leading to some sneaky anal sex!

In a moment Andrew was kneeling beside Jason lightly fingering Jason’s cock and balls. I guessed Andrew was working Jason’s penis up to the absolute peak of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity before he hand-jobbed him. Andrew closed his thumb and forefinger around Jason’s shaft and began to hand job him. He was kneeling beside Jason just the way my wife kneels beside me when she hand jobs me. It places her just right for me to play with My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!!, just like Jason was playing with my son’s thighs, bum, cock and balls. Andrew’s freshly stiffening penis bobbed with the rhythm of his hand pumping Jason’s shaft with its big mushroom head patting Jason’s side.

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After several minutes of being masturbated by Andrew Jason came. He grabbed Andrew’s bum cheek to pull Andrew toward him and squealed. His back arched as his hips rammed up then his body juddered as his semen spurted, mixing with my son’s semen on his chest and belly. After the last spurt of his semen Jason flopped back on the bed. Semen from two copious spurts was trickling down his side. Andrew picked up my wife’s pink thong he’d been wearing and used them to wipe the semen off Jason’s naked body.

Seeing young naked men in women’s sexy panties, posing naked erotically, playing with each other, masturbating and hand jobbing was all too much for me. I decided I had to join the fun. Being as quiet as he could I went to our bedroom. the bitch stripped naked and rummaged through my wife’s lingerie drawer till I found my favourite little black satin panties. she put them on and looked at myself in the big wall mirror. I was hard up erect and half my shaft poked out above the waistband while the thin black satin back clung to the curves of my bum. There was a little red decorative bow at the front just where my cock stuck up.

I thrust my hips forward. My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!!. Though I’m not gay I felt a sudden burst of lust for his smooth bottom and his straining, smooth hairless penis with its big round mushroom head. I couldn’t resist.

“Nice cock,” I said to Jason, reaching down to fondle his smooth-shaven balls and run my fingertips lightly along his freshly stiffened penis.

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Jason spread his legs wide for my exploring hand. I ran my hand over his thigh to his balls, arse and penis. His shaft felt like an iron bar.

“Ever done it for an older guy with a well-used cock?” I asked. I could see instantly that Jason hardly needed to be asked. “Take my knickers off for me if you want,” I said, thrusting my bulging panties toward him.

I was standing next to the bed. Jason crawled toward me on all fours. He wanted! Before he pulled my panties down he fondled my balls through the thin smooth satin and felt my shaft poking out above the waistband. From his touch and obvious excitement at exploring a new cock My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!!. He was so excited he fumbled with my panties as he pulled them down around my thighs. My penis sprang out erect, hard and hairy and swung stiffly in front of me. Jason was instantly feeling my naked sex kit. I saw my son’s eyes go down to see the cock which had been noisily fucking his mother in the next bedroom as he masturbated. I was anticipating just a hand job from Jason. But Jason had something more exciting in mind.

“Do you want your cock sucked off?” Jason asked, still kneeling on all fours on the bed. He fondled my cock and balls and licked his lips to get them moist.

“He gives a fucking good suck off,” Andrew said.

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At this new revelation of what my son had been up to with Jason, My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!!. I’d never had my cock sucked, even by my wife.

I slipped the panties completely off, then standing naked next to the bed I shoved my hips forward so my erect cock stuck out in front of me aimed at Jason. Still on all fours, Jason got down low in front of me so my cock head was brushing his lips. He started kissing my cock head and flicking it with his tongue. In response to the pleasure, My GF’s Big Sister Does Anal!! I spread my legs and thrust my hips forward to poke my knob against Jason’s lips. The wall mirror behind Jason was treating me to an excellent rear view of his gleaming bum cheeks, his balls and his penis swinging down between his spread thighs.