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My Son’s Best Friends
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Ariella is a hot mom with a lot going on. Her son’s buddies Xander and Michael both want a piece of the big tittied milf, but who will get to her first? And will they be willing to share?

Sarah does tan well – I tend to go a bit pink if I’m not careful, but she actually browns pretty quickly, and doesn’t need to slap on the fake stuff. Her legs look good anyway; I can see the slight My Son’s Best Friends lines on her thighs where she’s pulled her skirt up. Rather sexy, to be honest.

I’m actually feeling a bit warm. The straps on my white “school approved” bra are a bit tight, and I can feel then getting a bit itchy in the heat. I sit up and try to adjust them as best I can. Sarah smiles at me.

“You a bit uncomfortable Annie?” she inquires.

“Yes, these blasted straps, can’t seem to get them right.”

“Mmmm…I dare you Annie…”

Oh dear – she’s off again. Sarah has always had My Son’s Best Friends – ever since she was just a little kid. She was always daring all her friends to do stupid things, then running away when we got hurt or into trouble. I dread to think what she’s got in mind now…

“I dare you Annie…to take your bra right off!”

“Oh come off it, Sarah.”

“Hey Annie, admit it, you want to! So go on – just do it!”

I have to admit, it’s tempting. I do like to go bra-less when I get the chance. My breasts aren’t that big (32b) and very firm, so they don’t need all that much support. But my nipples and areolae are quite dark, so I wouldn’t do it under a white blouse: well, not usually.

“Oh I don’t know, Sarah.”

I’m actually hoping she’ll try to persuade me. It’s as if I don’t want it to be my decision, so I can blame her if it goes wrong.

“Come on, Annie, I’ve dared you! You have to!”

Those are Sarah’s rules, but I wouldn’t if I didn’t want to.

“Oh, heavens, Sarah, okay, I’ll do it.”

It’s not as easy as it sounds, underneath my blouse. I try to unclasp the back from outside my blouse, but can’t get a grip. Sarah isn’t much help, giggling like a little kid.

“Let me help, Annie,” she says, and lifts my blouse up slightly at the back, pushing her hands up inside.

“Ah, careful, Sarah,” I complain, trying to hold the front of my blouse down while she fiddles around at the back. It would help if she wasn’t laughing so much. Eventually she does it, and the cups are loose. Then I have to slide one strap down over my arm (which is really tricky, I have to bend my arm right in), then pull the whole bra out of my other sleeve. Heaven knows what I must look like, wriggling around like this.

But at last it’s done. I shove my bra quickly into my schoolbag and adjust my blouse, making sure it’s buttoned up properly. The swell of my little breasts and my dark red nipples are clearly visible underneath. I’m a bit nervous.

“My Son’s Best Friends.”

“Mmm, Annie, you look well sexy!”

“I dare say I do; to some old pervert who gets off on schoolgirls!”

“Ah, Annie, don’t say that! I’m not a pervert.”

“Hmph! That’s a matter of opinion, Anyway, it’s my turn now.”

Sarah’s a bit surprised – I don’t usually join in like this, but the warm sun and feeling my breasts bare under my shirt have got me a bit horny.