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PureTaboo – Consummating The Marriage – Jane Wild


Dahlia (Jane Wilde) is looking over a contract intently while an older man, Roger, silently sits across from her. The atmosphere is business-like as Dahlia flips through the pages, although the discomfort between them is undeniable.

It’s soon revealed that Roger is her parent and that, nearing retirement, he has agreed to sign over his company (worth billions) to Dahlia. But there is a condition… Dahlia is a lesbian, and Roger – a man of dated convictions – refuses to sign over the company until Dahlia marries and consummates the marriage with a man, with the expectation that Dahlia will produce an heir. To that end, they have drawn up a contract, and if Dahlia wants to continue enjoying her luxurious lifestyle, she’ll have to agree to the terms. But as Dahlia finally signs the papers, there is a defiant glint to her eyes…

Weeks later, Dahlia brings her new husband, Rick (Dante Colle), to see Roger and demonstrate she’s honored her part of the contract. But it’s clear that their marriage is only one of convenience, though Roger doesn’t seem to notice or care, only concerned with his terms being met. However, Roger DOES notice that something is amiss when Dahlia easily states that they’ve consummated their marriage, especially given how defiant she was before. That’s when Dahlia flippantly offers to let Roger watch them do the deed again if he doesn’t believe her.

Instead of acting like she’s joking, Roger accepts Dahlia’s offer to watch them – his agenda is more important to him than his discomfort, after all. Little does he know, he’s playing right into Dahlia and Rick’s hands…

Porn Stars: Dante Colle / Jane Wilde