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PureTaboo – Fond Memories – Lacy Lennon


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puretaboo (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan’s home and looking forward to meeting his surviving parent, Nate (Tommy Pistol), seeing it as the next step in their relationship. Ryan is also looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. Before entering the house, Ryan inspects Lydia’s hair and adjusts it slightly. She recently had it styled at Ryan’s suggestion, and he seems oddly concerned with making sure it looks perfect.

When Ryan and Lydia enter the house, they see Nate, who looks a bit melancholy as he plays the piano. After Ryan introduces Lydia and Nate to each other, Nate comments that Lydia looks familiar, but Lydia says they’ve never met before. She then asks Nate to continue playing the piano, saying the music sounds beautiful. Nate continues playing, but sadly explains that his late wife was much better at piano than he is. Lydia is delighted with Nate’s playing anyway, sitting beside him for a bit. Something about Lydia’s presence seems to cheer up Nate a bit, and he even smiles.

Porn Stars: Lacy Lennon / Tommy Pistol