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PureTaboo – SLOPPY SECONDS – Lena Paul


After months of his begging, a prude teen virgin (Lena Paul) finally agrees to have sex with her horny older boyfriend (Robby Echo) . even without a condom. She awkwardly allows him to mount her and fuck her missionary, before turning her around to fuck her doggy style. As he is about to cum, the boyfriend doesn’t pull out in time as he promised and creampies the PureTaboo girl.
When she realizes what he’s done, she gets upset and asks him to leave. Ashamed and nervous, she goes to clean herself up but, when she reaches down to her pussy and feels his cum dribbling out of her, something changes in her. Becoming transfixed, she rubs it into herself and plays with it in her fingers, before putting it in her mouth.
But when she gets there, his twin brother (Tyler Nixon) answers instead. The boyfriend isn’t home.

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“Fuck, babe, you’re so tight.” Okay, so I hadn’t picked the guy for his eloquence, but he had a nice thick cock and no issues with me calling the shots. That’s what mattered. And my fans, they were enjoying. I would hear the clicking sounds of their comments and wanted to give them more. More than they have ever watched from me. I was becoming what they wanted. A lady ready for the camera. I flexed my muscles the way I’d been taught, and he swore again. “I work out,” I said and flexed again. My eyelids fluttered as he sucked on it, his tongue and teeth teasing, but I didn’t close my eyes. I always fucked with my eyes open… always Lights on. No exceptions.

Porn Stars: Lena Paul / Robby Echo / Tyler Nixon