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PureTaboo – Wants What She Can’t Have – Jill Kassidy


Wants What She Can’t Have
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Lola (Jill Kassidy), a waitress at a bar. She looks bored as she wipes the counter of the bar. The bar isn’t too full and she surveys the few patrons scattered throughout as she cleans.

Her boss Tim (Charles Dera) walks by, greeting Lola pleasantly and they make small talk. Lola is polite but Wants What She Can’t Have.

After Tim leaves, as Lola continues to work, a woman (Ryan Keely) enters, walking up to the bar. Lola smiles at her politely. She introduces herself as Tim’s wife, Marcie. Lola didn’t know that Tim was married. At that moment, Tim emerges from the back, happily greeting his wife.

As Tim and Marcie kiss and embrace lovingly, Lola stares at Tim. She was completely uninterested towards him moments ago, but something about what she’s seeing now causes her expression to change. She smiles subtly to herself, licking her lips, her eyes hungry. She’s not jealous… no, there’s something much more unpredictable in her face. She Wants What She Can’t Have.

This summer was extremely hot. It hadn’t rained for at least two weeks, even a single cloud in the sky was an exceptional phenomenon. People rescued themselves with cold drinks, fans running at full speed, or simply spending long hours in the swimming pool, whether private or public. Air conditioning in the home or workplace was a blessing.

However, there was a group of people who tried to make the most of this time, often keeping complaints to a minimum. This group was students.

The summer vacation was in full swing, joyful students left the university walls and enjoyed the freedom they had been given to the best. Most of them returned to their family homes for this period, and Jenna did not otherwise.

There’s no place like home, Jenn always believed it with all her heart. Meetings with old friends, sweets from a local pastry shop or evening walks in a nearby park always put her in a good mood. Her rest had been going on for a while now and it would still be perfect if it weren’t for… well…

Porn Stars: CHARLES DERA / Jill Kassidy