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“Don’t get strange and act like you two only met yesterday for the first time,” he said now, hurling his axe at the next piece of log.

“Call me a traditionalist but zoom calls are hardly the same as meeting someone for the first time in person. I knew she was a lovely human being. And now I’m realizing that she’s hot. That is all I’m saying,” she finished with a coy lilt to her voice. No wonder her brother seemed to be keeping in shape. Newly married and in love. He was clean-shaven, slim, and lithe like her. She watched the sweat glisten on his bare chest as he flexed his muscles to perform the task at hand.

“Hmm,” is all he said by way of acknowledgment.

Ishita took a step closer and stared into his eyes, “Been keeping those muscles well worked haven’t you?”

“That what you’ve been focusing on all this while we’ve been speaking?”

“Don’t try to get smart, asshole. I’m just admiring how you’re making the effort at being even more attractive for her. I bet she’s been getting a lot of action in bed, hmm?”

Rio lodged the axe hard onto the splitting block, stepped closer to her, and gripped her by the waist, his thumb digging into her soft stomach.

“You just can’t stop, can you?”

“What do you mean stop? You only just arrived last night. When did we start?”

Rio removed his hand from her waist.

“I can’t believe I fell asleep again,” said Margot wiping her eyes as she walked out towards the shed.

“It’s good to get the tiredness out,” said Ishita turning to her, “rest today, so we can maybe go for a hike tomorrow very early before it gets hot. I know a good trail.”

“Thanks again for a great lunch,” said Margot once her husband had departed, “but you have to let us help next time.”

“You will,” said Ishita, “Don’t worry. It’s only the first day.”

A breeze blew in from the direction of the mountain and sent a ripple through the fabric of her saree. Margot watched the edge of it flutter dangerously about the beautiful swell of her left breast.

“So… you know,” mused Margot first staring at the ground before looking up at her, “we’ve never really discussed it you and me, but you do know that he told me? He said that you know. That I know. About you two and everything that happened and how you’ve felt.”

“That for years now, we’ve been having sex together off and on, whenever we are with each other, yes.”

“Yes, that.”

“He said, and I swear I could not believe it the first time, but that you were okay with it?”

Another short pause followed before Margot spoke.

“You could not believe it, so as to say you found it strange?” she asked.

“Strange… hmm… maybe not the word, but… well I know my brother and he’s clearly fallen for you, so I don’t expect you to be like… some kind of stereotypical person, but… still, you know? ”

“Yes. Listen, Ishita, I’m looking forward to spending time with you here, where you are in your element. I want to learn more about the two of you, but I am also hoping to let you get to know me a little better. Maybe once you do, you will find my preferences and decisions more natural than hard to believe.”

Ah… well, yes, ma’am,” said Ishita, a hint of a smile on her lips, “And yes, I’m glad that we will have plenty of time to talk about it all.”

“Hmm, now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to tell you – I’ve been thinking since I saw you at breakfast this morning looking so sexy draped in this lovely fabric. It looked so comfortable, I was wondering if on a coming day you’d let me wear one of these.”

“Oh Margot that’s a fabulous idea,” Ishita’s eyes sparked up with a flicker of excitement, “I was going to ask you if you’d want that, in, let’s say due course, but I’m glad you like the idea already. I’m going into the village in a little bit, maybe I can pick something out for you. I think you’re going to love the feel of wearing it, and it’s going to make you look intoxicatingly sexy, I’m not even kidding.”

But Ishita watched Margot break into laughter – it sparkled across her face that glowed beautifully, caught in the late afternoon sunlight. “Speaking of sex,” she said to Ishita, her smile lingering innocently, “I had some questions.”