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The Never Ending Squirter


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Danny D’s pregnant wife is hosting a dull party. Things get livened up when Vanessa Vega shows up in a dress that shows a whole lotta ass. Danny has no shame and goes right after Vanessa, fingering her and making her squirt out in the open. Danny leads Vanessa off to the bedroom for a proper fucking. Squirt gets everywhere! Danny better hope The Never Ending Squirter doesn’t walk in.

He walked forward, dropped his towel, put his hand behind my head, and said, “Let’s fuck.”  Then his tongue went into my mouth. We grappled at each other, running hands over shoulders, his hands going up my dress. This was six months of foreplay over text in one night. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, biting my neck. Then he turned me over and slapped my ass.

My breath hitched. Oh god. Okay, I could get there. he could. Timidness was gone. The wet started up between my legs as he stuck his fingers in. Slippery. He massaged his cock around my pussy and got it all wet.

The Never Ending Squirter brazzers

He leaned over me and asked, “Ever had anal?”

“No,”  I gasped.

He leaned over and picked up the lube from the bed. I had placed it there as a possibility of needing it since I had already had sex. He handed it to me, “Put some on me.”

I poured some on my hands and got it nice and warm. she then slowly put the gel from the base of his cock to the tip. I reached down to his balls, and he stopped me. “No, not there.”

That brought me out for a moment until he turned me over, bent me onto the bed, and asked, “Wanna try?”

“Yes,”  I barely got out.

He slid his cock up and down my ass, getting it nice and slick. Then slowly he placed the tip into my ass. Slow, very, very, slow. ‘Oh god,’ I thought. My entire body started to shake. This was different than losing your virginity, it was almost animal-like.  The entire body was affected. My body started radiating heat. I could feel just about every cell in my skin.  He slowly put his cock a little farther in, then a little farther, until he was flush with me.

My whole body was aching from the need. I needed him to pump. He gently pulled out and went in again. Putting more lube on as he went. her arms shook, my shoulders shook. What in god’s name was this?  Why didn’t people have this instead of the regular? Holy hell. Pull out, slowly go in, pull out, slowly go in.

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I could hear him moan behind me. I was tight. Really, really tight. I didn’t know if that was good but goddamn, it felt good.

Slowly out, slowly back in.

My back was on fire, my legs, The Never Ending Squirter. I could feel the universe. It was as if every atom, every molecule in my body was on fire. I came before I knew it. Screaming out.

Just then he leaned down and said, “Where do you want it?”

“On my back,”  I whispered. I needed to feel it land there.

He pulled out and within seconds I could hear him slapping his cock up and down and then the warmth landed in long sprays across my back. I collapsed shaking.

He landed next to me. “Happy Birthday Daphne.”

I smiled, “Thanks. I like your gift.”

We both laughed.

After we cleaned up and said our goodbyes. I drove home in shock. I had anal for the first time. Holy hell. After six months of texting and not doing anything, I had anal. My body felt used. I could have purred like a cat. From the first interaction with the guy and his cock, to being slammed into by my husband to the anal from Tom. It was a very satisfying night.

I walked up to the front of my house and my husband was standing The Never Ending Squirter.

“How was it?”  He smiled.

“Let me tell you,”  I smiled back.

Porn Stars: Danny D / Vanessa Vega