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When Avery Jane comes home from work with a sneaky butt plug stuck up her ass, her boyfriend, Xander Corvus, is about to discover the full extent of her horniness. Avery’s long day leads to her masturbating in her sleep, revealing her butt plug, which shocks Xander but also gives him a prank idea. After setting up a torso with a fake dick, Xander watches as Avery mounts the toy and rides it, giving him a great view of her perfect ass and shimmering butt plug. From there, Avery, thinking she’s fucking Xander, rides the toy so hard that her butt plug slips right out! With an anal opening created, Xander is able to slip his hard cock into Avery’s tight ass, leading to an impromptu double penetration and knee-rattling orgasms for both.

I reached out and gently took his cock in my hand.  I guided it to my lips to kiss and lick it.  Then I stretched my lips around him and pulled his cock deeper into my throat than I’d ever taken Toying With Anal.  It was at that moment I realized I wanted this to be an exhibition for Jake, to show him what he had bet away.  Just then, I felt Ron’s hand on my back.  He reached as far down as he could while his cock was deep in my throat, but couldn’t quite reach my ass.  I wiggled it for him anyway as his hand slid up my spine before undoing the clasp on my bra.  Then one hand was massaging each of my breasts, fingers gliding across my nipples, making me even wetter.

I relaxed my throat and pulled on his ass, taking even more of his cock into my mouth.  I peeked to the side to see Jake sliding his hand up and down his shaft.  Knowing how hot he was for me, and knowing that he wished it was his cock in my mouth, I pushed even further, almost getting my nose to touch Ron’s abdomen.  I tried several times to Toying With Anal while his cock was down my throat, but Ron’s cock was too long for that.  But my licking the underside of his shaft was enough to send him over the edge the first time.

Suddenly, Ron’s rigid cock was spewing down my throat.  I did manage to swallow most of it, but a little escaped out early and was dribbling down to my chin.  I deliberately looked at Jake, with Ron’s cum on my chin, before standing, turning, and offering my ass to Ron. He slipped the lace off my ass and guided them all the way down my legs as he kissed my ass. First one cheek, then the other, then his tongue sliding from my lower back down between them.

I leaned forward over the poker table, moaning and allowing my breasts to sway for the enjoyment of Steve and Jake, both of whom now had their pants open and were stroking their rigid cocks.  An idea started to form in my head, but Ron’s hands were turning me around.  He had me sit at the edge of the table.  As he lifted my knees, he gently helped me lay down.

He wasted no time in sliding his softened member against my folds, quickly regaining rigidity. God how I wanted that cock!

To Clarify his cock regained its full hardness, he slipped inside of me.  It seemed gradual at first, but then I felt full and then I felt filled.  Never before had a cock stretched and filled me that nicely.  I know I moaned and squirmed around, grinding my sex into him, feeling his huge cock against places deep within me that I didn’t know could feel that good.  Ron just held still and let me grind against him.

“Oh, God,” I crooned, “It’s so good!  I love your cock!”

In short Almost in response, Ron slowly withdrew.  I thought he was getting ready to start fucking me, but he slipped out entirely and guided the head of his cock down to my ass.  He gently rubbed his cock, slippery with my juices, around in small circles.  I couldn’t believe that I wanted him to find a way to slide his huge cock into my ass.  I guess I just wanted that cock however he was willing to give it to me.

He dropped to his knees and his mouth found my pussy. Then he slipped a finger into my ass.  It was only one, but it was so wet from my juices that he was able to enter me fully.  He started rubbing the finger in my ass against the fingers in my pussy while magically flicking his tongue back and forth over my clit.

I lost it.  I started screaming out while gasping for breath, Toying With Anal wildly.  “Fuck me.  Oh god, fuck me!  I don’t care how, I just want your cock, Ron!”

Because I continued to convulse, Ron’s hands left my holes and grabbed my ankles, spreading me wide as he stood. As he slowly entered me again, I was pulsing around him on my second orgasm of the night.  This time when he bottomed out, he pulled my ankles further up and apart, lifting my ass off the table as he impaled me even deeper.  He held me there as I ground against Toying With Anal.  I don’t know if the second orgasm just continued or if I was into my third, but I could only moan, “Yes, yes, please, yes.”

He gradually let my hips back down before grabbing them with my legs over his arms.  He pulled gently but insistently, pressing his cock deep within my folds.  I could feel his balls on my ass as my mind exploded again.  All I could do was cum around Toying With Anal.  And all I wanted to do was keep fucking.

Ron slid in and out of me gently for a while, but then his hand snaked in front of me and found my clit.  As he lifted me to higher heights, he also started fucking me harder and faster.

I was powerless to stop him, even if I’d wanted to.  By this point, I could only talk about waves of orgasm.  There was no clear stopping from one or starting of another.  But his fingers on my clit and the urgency of his pounding sent me on another blissful wave.

As I came down from this one, But Ron slipped out of me and helped me Toying With Anal.  He turned me around and stepped close behind me, his cock sliding between my legs under me.

Porn Stars: Avery Jane / Xander Corvus