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Your Soul, Corner Pocket brazzers


Your Soul, Corner Pocket brazzers

Your Soul
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They say never make a deal with demons, but maybe Oliver Davis can make an exception for the deliciously devilish Angela White. Not many could resist Angela’s all-natural curves in a tight outfit, offering you delights beyond mortal comprehension. A succubus with a smirk, and it might be her eyes that keep you entranced… Is that a competitive sparkle or the glint of her last “deal” trapped forever? Hard to deny a dangerous woman like Angela, even more so when she seems to have an insatiable hunger for your mind and body. Will Oliver make it out or be swallowed up whole?

Because dinner was done and the men had cleared away the dishes, we all gathered in the living room to chat and listen to music. I had hoped we could use the deck but the air had turned cool during the day. But April was stuck to Ted’s side, Maeve and I were snuggled up in a big chair and Karen was sitting beside her husband on the couch, his hand resting on her thigh. April and Ted were swaying as the music played, it must have been driving her crazy not to be able to drop to her knees and suck him on the spot. We talked about everything except sex, shortly after eight, my doorbell rang. I went to the kitchen and peeked out, the was a police cruiser in the driveway. I smiled to myself.

“Why are the police here?” I wondered aloud. I opened the door, Lisa was still in her uniform, she winked at me, she whispered for me to play along.

“Good evening officer, what brings you here this evening?” I asked loudly. April turned down the music and everyone turned to listen.

“Good evening, Sir,” she replied, “is there a Maeve Kelly here?” I replied that there was. “Could you ask her to join me outside, please?” I turned to face our friends.

“Maeve? The police want to speak to you.” I tried to look confused but April saw right through me.

“Maeve you naughty girl, what did you do?” she asked teasing her lover. Maeve looked puzzled.

“I wonder why they want to speak to me?” she asked getting out of Your Soul and walking to the door.

“I don’t know I said, the officer asked to see you outside,” I said, handing her coat over as she passed.” She went outside and closed the door behind her. Lisa must have stepped back from the door so Maeve couldn’t see her because it was a couple of seconds before I heard her squeal of delight. I peeked out the side window to see them locked in a passionate embrace, their lips mashed together and their tongues down their throats. I smiled to myself as I turned back towards my guests.

“What’s going on?” asked Karen, “Is she in trouble?”

I shrugged. “She’s not in handcuffs yet, they’re just talking.” but The door opened and Maeve came back inside, taking her purse from the hook on the wall.

“The police think I may have witnessed something,” she said, a little out of breath. ”they want me to go to the station and see if I recognize someone they have in custody. I shouldn’t be too long, you guys go ahead and have fun!” She kissed me and left, pulling the door closed behind her.

April smiled knowingly but the story was good enough for Ted, Karen, But John. April whispered something in Ted’s ear and he smiled, finally aware of what was happening.

Because Karen finished her wine and took her husband‘s hand, “I think it’s time we took off,” she said. John looked disappointed until Karen whispered into his ear, then he couldn’t get off the couch fast enough. He shook Ted’s hand, kissed April on the cheek, and wished her a safe trip home before going to get their coats. Karen went over to Ted and hugged him, then took April in her arms and hugged her before placing a light kiss on her lips. “I hope to see you again soon April, we enjoyed meeting you.” She let John slide her coat onto her shoulders and they left.

“That was Lisa, wasn’t it?” asked Ted. April laughed loudly.

“Finally caught up, have you?” she kissed him, “I can’t blame you really, there’s no blood left n your head!” She reached and squeezed his hardness. “I wonder if she’s in handcuffs?”

Your Soul, Corner Pocket

“Is she into that?” asked Ted. April and I didn’t let on.

“Not that I know of,” I said, turning to fix myself another drink. I was about to offer one to the others but they were otherwise busy, April’s tongue in Ted’s mouth.

Their kiss broke loudly. “Now,” she said, “let’s see if I remember how to do this!” She sank slowly to her knees and opened Ted’s zipper, drawing his impressive member out. She stroked it a few times before opening her mouth and going down on him, her pink lipstick standing out against his dark skin. I sat on the couch and sipped my drink as I watched her slowly work his cock into her throat. It took a while but eventually her throat bulged, the outline of his BBC visible as he swallowed him in.

In Short I fought the urge to masturbate as I watched, I didn’t want to waste myself in my own hand when there was perfectly good pussy and ass so close at hand. After a few moments, April pulled her mouth off Ted and stood up, kissing him, “Thanks, Baby, I needed that!” She turned and saw me stroking my cock through my pants and, grabbing Ted by his cock, came over to me. “Take off your pants,” she ordered and as soon as they were on the floor and I sat back down, she was back on her knees with my cock in her throat. Ted moved in behind her and entered her from behind. Taking her mouth off me, she moaned, “I fucking love this!” and back down she went.

Just as she was starting to scream, the door opened and Maeve and Lisa came in, Lisa still in her police uniform. “Told you!” said Lisa, they took off their coats and she directed Maeve to the chair opposite me, pushed her down, and lifted her skirt. They had obviously fucked while they were away because Maeve’s thing was nowhere in Your Soul. but Lisa dove for her love’s crotch and began eating her out like she needed to lick her pussy to save the world.

To Clarify April was getting close, she was moaning around my cock as Ted fucked her, the vibrations stimulating me to near orgasm. My cock slipped out of her throat as Ted reared back, going right back in when he drove her forward with his thrusts. That put me over the edge, I spurted my seed into her mouth, Ted coming before I finished spurting which triggered April’s orgasm. Maeve was trying to keep her eyes on us but Lisa’s ministrations were making it difficult

In Short We all sat or lay still as we caught our breath, I realized that Ted and Lisa hadn’t met. I started laughing hard, everyone else stared at me wondering what I thought was so funny.

“What?” asked Maeve.

Angela White brazzers

“I just realized that we haven’t introduced Lisa to Ted,” I said, everyone else started laughing as well. After we calmed somewhat, Lisa got up and went over to Ted, sitting in his lap and kissing him.

“Hi Ted,” she said sweetly, “I’m Lisa.” She ground her ass into his cock, “Nice to meet you!”

Ted kissed her back. “The pleasure,” he said, running his hands over her breasts, “is all mine!”

“It will be!” Lisa replied. She looked at Maeve, “I see what you mean Maeve, he’s gorgeous!”

“She means his cock is gorgeous!” Maeve said lustily, “And I agree!”

“So,” I said, “now that we’re all here and the formalities are out of the way, we can get on with things. April and Maeve, as this is you’re leaving do,” but everyone looked at me with a funny look, “sorry, going away party, I propose that the three of us service you two lovely ladies in every way possible.” I took their hands in mine, “Your wishes, ladies,” I kissed their fingers, “are our commands!”

“Well,” said Your Soul, “what do you think, April?”

“I’ll think about it,” she replied. “First, I think we should all get cleaned up!” She headed upstairs, calling over her shoulder, “In the meantime, you guys get Lisa out of that uniform! It’s not fair that we’re all naked and she’s not! The girls were gone about ten minutes, during which Lisa took off her clothes and got acquainted with Ted. By getting acquainted, I mean that she just stared at Ted’s cock.

“That’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” she whispered, “in person, I mean. I have seen some bigger ones in videos.”

“Oh,” I said, “what’s your favourite kind of porn?”

“Used to be two guys and one girl,” she answered, “but since I met you guys it’s two girls and one guy!” Her eyes never left Ted.

“Well, this might just be your lucky night!” I said, “Your Soul.”

Just then they came down the stairs. “We were talking,” April said, “and we know how we want this to start.” She took Maeve’s hand, “We were going to sit in that chair but it’s out of action for tonight, so we’ll sit on the couch and make out while we watch Lisa take on you two.”

I looked at Lisa and winked. “Interesting,” I said.

Porn Stars: ANGELA WHITE / Oliver Davis