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[ BangBros ] Aquatic Pornstars


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Kate Dee gets fucked in pools on occassion.She is the most suited pornstar for aquatic sex. It has something to do with her ass and tits being big and buoyant. Tyler Steel was really horny and fucked her hard. Her ass was all wet and oiled up, nothing like some good sex in the splash zone. She enjoyed herself and got Tyler’s huge load of cum all on her ass.

Mo introduced us. BangBros’s hair matched his dark eyes; his clean-shaven look surprised me. Except for being tall, he seemed ordinary. I laughed at myself for thinking he’d have a sign on his forehead saying, “I do three-ways.” I could see how most women would be interested in him; he projected ease with his presence. 

BangBros proved to be an eloquent conversationalist with a pleasing, open personality. It surprised me that I held no jealousy toward him over his past relationship with Mo. Instead, I found myself curious about this impending sexual adventure. 

It helped that Mo stayed by my side, providing extra assurance. She touched my curly hair and caressed my thigh and held long gazes. After my favorite chocolate hazelnut cake, Mo suggested we head up to the room. She stroked my arm and reached across the table to squeeze Dan’s hand. 

The elevator ride previewed things to come. I stood in the center between Mo and Dan. Encased in the tiny space the BangBros emanating from their bodies accented the heady mix of male and female sex fragrance. I wished scent came with color so I could watch it disperse in the air, seeing how it mixed-like when an octopus released ink into the water but instead of black we each had rainbow colors.