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Pranks and Supermarket Skanks


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Naughty Carmela Clutch and Lilly Hall get up to some hijinks at the supermarket, asking innocent bystanders to film them as they strip each other in public! Lilly deepthroats a cucumber, then films as Carmela titty-fucks it, till the girls are cornered by stockboy Jimmy Michaels. The girls swallow his man meat, then Jimmy fucks Carmela doggystyle till she squirts and licks Lilly’s delicious pussy! These babes take turns playing hide the sausage, then jack Jimmy off all over their faces. Cleanup on aisle sex!

Walking down the hallway towards the tangled pile of vacuum hose, I could feel the backs of my thighs burning even more.  If there was any consolation, my flats felt so comfortable on my feet, and I’d always had a fetish for metallic clothes and shoes, so I really liked this pair even if they didn’t have high heels.

There is a central vacuum port in the front portion of the hallway, where I connected the hose.  Several other ports were located in offices on this floor.

The first floor had two rental spaces with street access, and they were both occupied with trendy little boutique shops, which are popular in the historic district and I never had to do anything down there. Countess has a buzzer and intercom upstairs and can discretely let clients into the building.

Pranks and Supermarket Skanks realitykings

On the second floor, where I vacuumed a bit slower than normal thanks to Missy’s vicious incentive, there were a number of rental offices.  Some were single rooms, and others were suites of several rooms.  At this time, only two of the smaller offices were occupied, and I had never seen the tenants.

The other was a private accountant that kept weird hours, and I’d heard what sounded like an old manual adding machine rattling away in there at times.  I wasn’t responsible for cleaning their spaces.

I assumed the engineer and accountant knew what sort of kinky things the Countess did upstairs, and didn’t care, and for that matter might even be clients.

It was peaceful working on the second floor.

Since I had pretty decent access to the building and often worked alone you might think it would be easy to get the spare key for my chastity device out of my locker so I could quickly jerk off somewhere.

That said, I had been warned by Countess Tori when I first began working for her, that if I was ever caught masturbating without permission, I would be banished.  It had taken me such a long time to find a good professional dominatrix that I wasn’t going to risk ruining our arrangement any time soon.  Best to keep myself locked up.