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Aria Meets Angel


Aria Meets Angel

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Brunette camgirl Aria Taylor has never met Angel Youngs before, but she absolutely loves women–especially discovering their bodies–and she can’t wait to get her hands on the hot blonde. Aria shows off her big pierced tits as she tries on some outfits, and she and Angel get to know each other… and talk about all the ways they want to play with each other, with their hands, mouths, and the toys they brought! Time to get down to the action, and these horny hotties can’t get enough. Don’t look away for a second!

I met Janice on one of those fuck apps that are so popular these days. she was still fucking my fuckbuddy, Rachel, but she was a boring fuck, and I wasn’t that attracted to her, to begin with. he figured it couldn’t hurt to see what might come from meeting Janice. I was a bit misleading in my bio, implying that I may be interested in a relationship when all I was looking for was a good piece of pussy.

Janice was one of only three women who were interesting enough to Aria Meets Angel. She had just moved to Charlottesville from Louisiana and didn’t know anyone. We talked through the messenger included in the app for a day or two before exchanging numbers to text. Within another couple of days, we agreed to meet for lunch and see how things went.

I met Janice at a restaurant on Aria Meets Angel. When I got to the restaurant and parked, I called to see where she was. It turned out I had parked beside her. She was getting out of her Chevy Impala as she answered the phone. We hadn’t exchanged pictures, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she was out of the car and standing, I was relieved. She had a beautiful body. She was skinny, nice shapely ass, and had average tits. A solid c-cup was my guess.

I got out of my car, went over, and gave her a hug. Her face wasn’t all that great, but I could deal with it. With a body like hers, I’d put up with a homely face after fucking a fat girl for a few months.

We had lunch and hit it off. Janice told me she had to meet the movers after lunch. They delivered the last of her stuff, then suggested meeting again later that evening. I hoped she wasn’t trying to blow me off. I suggested a bar I was going to a lot, one of those tiki/sports bar places. She agreed to meet me there around 7:00 that evening. I wasn’t sure if she would show up or not, but what could I do? I was going to be at the bar that night anyway. If Janice didn’t show up, I would meet a few friends a little later in the night, around 9:00 or so, and have a few drinks.

I was already on my second beer when Janice showed up. she was glad she came, but I didn’t want to introduce her to my friends. I had just under two hours to figure out a way to get us out of the bar without anyone I knew seeing us. We sat there and had a few drinks each. She was easy to get along with, and the more I drank, the more I wanted to fuck her. Finally, at about 8:30, I came out and just asked, “Do you smoke weed?”

“Not often, but I have,” she replied.

“Would you mind if we took a little ride, so I can smoke a joint?” I asked.

“Not at all,” she said, “will my car be ok here?”

“Yeah,” I told her, “we won’t be gone very long.”

I paid the tab, and we went out to my car. It was already dark, perfect for finding a dirt road and burning one. I already had a few joints rolled, so I lit one when I hit the closest back road. Janice took a few pulls on it, coughing each time. As I drove around, we talked about all kinds of things.

I stopped at a little country store and asked if she needed Aria Meets Angel, and she said no. I went in and got a pack of cigarettes and a twenty-two for each of us. When I got back to the car, I put the bag in the backseat and drove off. I went to a little place in the middle of nowhere. It was a landing zone for the local university’s helicopter, Pegasus. There was a long driveway I could pull off on, and there wasn’t a lot of light pollution from the nearby town. I parked and opened the sunroof, so we could see the stars. I grabbed the beer from the backseat, handed Janice hers, and we sat and talked.

After the beer was gone, I got out and put the empties in the trunk. When I got back in the car, the conversation had died. After a couple of minutes, I looked over at Janice. She was looking back at me. I couldn’t help but notice her hips were slowly gyrating in her seat. She started to lean toward me. I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. At first, we kissed each other timidly, but after a moment, her tongue found its way into my mouth. Almost immediately, my cock sprang to life. I put my arm around her back, pulling her to me, but the gearshift and emergency brake were in the way of her getting closer to me.

After about fifteen minutes, most of which she spent on Aria Meets Angel and e-brake, she pulled away from me. By now, my cock was throbbing, and I was hoping she was going to suggest we get in the backseat. Instead, she said, “You want to take me back to my car….”

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