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Morning-After Crasher


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After a wild party the night before, hot redhead Scarlett Jones feels good enough to make a video for her fans as she makes breakfast in nothing but a t-shirt. But she thought she had the house to herself… until party crasher Nikki Nuttz wanders in! He’s a professional videographer, so Scarlett takes him up on his offer to film her, and soon they’re headed up to the bedroom where she shakes her booty for him through the curtains, then takes out his dick and titty-fucks it! Scarlett rides his face, then his cock, as Nikki proves why he’s the perfect party guest after all!

My wife was away for a few days with her ageing Morning-After Crasher. Our son Andrew, who was twenty-one at the time, was at home with me revising for some professional exams away from the noise and chaos of the flat he shared with other guys.

A business meeting up in town had ended sooner than planned and I’d caught an early commuter train home. Opening the front door I heard voices coming from Andrew’s bedroom upstairs. I distinctly heard a young man’s voice saying, “You look so fucking sexy in her knickers!”

I wondered what on Earth was going on so I crept quietly upstairs. Andrew’s bedroom door was ajar. Peeping through the crack I saw an incredible sight. My son Andrew was standing by his bed stark naked except for one of my wife’s thongs, a tiny pastel pink lacy one. His erect penis was pushing the tiny triangle of pink lace at the front out in a huge cone with its rounded apex over his bulging cock head. His hairy balls showed at the sides where his straining cock pushed the panties away from his body. He did a slow twirl showing the thin pink gusset at the back nestling between his bum cheeks.

Sprawling stark naked on Andrew’s bed was another young man, Jason. He was one of the guys Andrew shared a flat with and was also twenty-one. Jason was playing with his penis, which was massive and hard up erect arching over his belly almost as far as his belly button from his hairless smooth-shaven balls. His young body was almost as smooth as a girl’s. I’d met Jason a few times and always thought he was rather effeminate even though his manhood was so big. Scattered over the bed were porn magazines. There were also some women’s panties which I recognised as my wife’s scattered on the bed. My wife had told me she thought Andrew was playing with her panties. I didn’t tell her that I played with them myself.

“Go on, do a kinky pose!” Andrew said excitedly, “You know what I like!”

My son wanted to see a naked young man posing like Morning-After Crasher women in my magazines! I was momentarily shocked, but then I too have a thing about well-hung naked young men, especially with their big cocks hard up. she also like seeing men in women’s underwear and I often play with my wife’s panties including that pink thong. he didn’t know my son had a panty fetish like me. Like father like son, I guess. At such a kinky erotic double treat for my lustful eyes, my own penis began to rise.

“Take your knickers off so I can see how hard I get your cock up!” Jason said.

Andrew slipped my wife’s thong off. His erection bounced out and quivered stiffly. On a beach holiday, the year before I’d guessed from the size of the bulge of his speedos over his sex kit that Andrew had a meaty package and I saw that I was right. Andrew’s hard up cock was almost as big as mine, bending up a good seven inches in front of him from thickly haired balls to a big purple mushroom head just like mine.

Jason got on all fours with his legs wide and grinned at Andrew over his shoulder. I was looking between Jason’s spread thighs from behind. I could see his balls and his erect penis poking down between his legs swinging stiffly with his movements. His smooth buttocks gleamed under the lights and his cock swung under him as he wiggled his bum at Andrew.

“You like seeing me do that don’t you?” Jason said with Morning-After Crasher. “Go on, feel my ass and cock!”

As Jason posed erotically for him Andrew ran his hands over Jason’s naked body lingering on his bottom and running between Jason’s spread legs to play with his arse, balls and hard up cock. Jason was obviously enjoying Andrew’s lustful attention. His penis swung and bobbed as he grunted and squirmed with sexual pleasure.

“Now you pose for me!” Jason said excitedly. “Like her!”

Jason pointed to a picture in one of my magazines of a woman sprawling nude. The game appeared to be that each of them posed for the other in turn, trying to be as erotic as possible, spreading his legs and sticking his erect cock and bum out. As one posed the other ran his hand over his naked body, playing with his penis and balls and stroking him between his legs. When Andrew’s erect penis swung near Jason’s face Jason leaned forward to briefly take his erection swollen cock head into his mouth and massage it with his lips and tongue.

“Morning-After Crasher! … You like your cock being sucked don’t you!” Jason laughed.

Porn Stars: Nikki Nuttz / SCARLETT JONES