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Save Water, Shower Together


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Busty Bess Breast really wants to give back to the environment for Earth Day, so she brings her girlfriend Abigaiil Morris tree-planting, but the big-titted redhead is less interested in saving the earth and more interested in the hot instructor, Oliver Flynn, and his wood! All their hard work gets the girls dirty, so Oliver sends them to clean off in an outdoor shower, and of course Bess has to join her gf under the spray to conserve water. Oliver catches the curvy babes kissing and brings them to the back of his car, where they suck his cock and tittyfuck him with their big naturals before they take turns getting fucked!

The central vacuum system made barely a sound as I made my way through the apartment.  It was spacious and occupied the entire third floor.  Although fully furnished and containing some of Countess Tori’s personal items, she only stayed here a few nights a week.

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My feet were hurting, as the toe box on my pumps fit a little snug.  I’d hoped they would stretch out just a smidge after wearing them a few times but it didn’t seem that would happen.  They also fit a little loose in the back, though I’d been able to partially fix that with moleskin strips.  I was determined to master walking in four-inch stiletto heels, but I think I was going to have to invest more money in a quality pair that fit right, as opposed to the low-end costume variety.

The pink satin French Maid outfit that I wore was also a cheap costume.  It seemed that each time I washed it I had to make minor repairs.  Good thing I was handy with needle and thread, though if I continued to serve Countess through the end of the year, I was going to have to find another outfit of better quality.

Before leaving the apartment, I checked my makeup in a bathroom mirror.  I was always concerned about the heavy makeup smearing or running when I worked up a sweat doing housekeeping, but it looked presentable.

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Leaving the apartment, I made my way up the stairwell.  My heels echoed loudly on the old marble treads.  The stairs had an ornate iron railing, and there was a peaked skylight of wire-reinforced glass above the stairs on the fourth floor.

As I let myself into the main room, Save Water, Shower Together Tori was seated on her elaborate throne as expected.  Her blonde hair was long, thin, and straight.  She wore her black leather biker jacket with the diagonal front zipper open enough to show off the cleavage of her large breasts.  Missy was kneeling to her side, looking at her fingernails, as the two chatted like good friends about a nail salon here in the historic downtown area.

“Save Water, Shower Together?” Countess Tori asked.

“Yes, Countess,” I replied softly, avoiding eye contact and looking at her boots instead.  They were made of red and black leather, thigh-high, with long laces that wound through a seemingly infinite number of small shiny hooks all the way up the front of the boot shafts.

“I’ll allow you to worship my boots before your next assignment,” she said, and I quietly thanked her as I slowly approached her throne and then knelt before her.

Countess Tori was a heavy-set woman, though the boots fit her thick legs perfectly.  I’ll admit that I look up fetish boots and shoes all the time online and I had never seen a pair like these.  I suspected they were custom-made and very expensive.  Up close I noticed they had no zippers up the inside of the shaft for easy on and off, like so many front laced boots do.  That would be no inconvenience for Countess, who probably always had a submissive at her disposal to handle the long boot laces.

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Taking my time, I slowly licked the pointed toes of her Save Water, Shower Together, and then gently sucked on the spiked heels, which may have been about five inches high.  The two ladies continued their conversation, ignoring my presence.

I had only been serving Countess Tori for a few months and hadn’t quite figured out their relationship.  Missy appeared to be both a submissive personal assistant and dominatrix in training.  She wore some tight black spandex pants that disappeared inside the tops of her boots.