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Hungry for a Spanking, also known as MySweetApple, is feeling peckish, but as she bends over to scope out the fridge, her succulent booty in her tight red shorts looks like a whole snack! Her boyfriend Paolo sneaks up behind her and gives it a smack, and Kim grins at him, letting him know she’s hungry for more. After her spanking, Paolo fills her pussy with his dick, both of them working up an appetite before he cums on her shapely ass!

Dean thanked her, taking the tray, allowing her to close the gap as he stepped back Hungry for a Spanking. He looked down for a place to put the tray, but seeing nowhere suitable he turned around. but Jess was standing in profile to him, naked, he lace knickers in her hand as she looked around for the laundry bag.

her long hair was pushed back from her pretty face. Her breasts were firm and round, her stomach flat, and from the side he could see that her buttocks were tight, her Hungry for a Spanking neatly waxed. For a moment he froze, in turmoil, knowing that he shouldn’t be looking at her but unable to look away.

but Jess started to turn toward him and he spun around as if he was looking for a place to set down the tray.

‘Did you look?’ Jess asked.

‘What? No, of course I didn’t look. but I’m trying to find somewhere to put this tray. Are you going to eat anything?’

‘That’s a pretty leading question to ask a lesbian,’ Jess chuckled. ‘But yes I am, I’m starving.’

Dean ignored her joke. ‘Okay, so how do you want to do this?’

‘Let me get under the covers and then while I’m eating you can get undressed.’ Dropping her underwear into the bag Jess climbed under the thick duvet. ‘Hungry for a Spanking,’ she said, shivering as the covers surrounded her in warmth. She pulled the duvet over her breasts. ‘Okay, I’m ready.’

because Dean turned and passed her the tray. She took it, awkwardly trying not to let the duvet drop. ‘Okay, I’m not going to be able to eat this and hold the duvet up so you’ll have to turn your back. And don’t look this time.’

‘I didn’t look the last time,’ Dean replied, annoyed despite his lie.

‘Hmm,’ Jess said suspiciously, dipping the bread into the stew, the food instantly making her feel better. ‘Hurry up and get undressed before yours goes cold.’

Dean paused. ‘Look, Hungry for a Spanking,’ he said.


‘The sleeping arrangements. because There’s only one bed and it’s too cold to expect me to sleep on top of the covers.’

‘I’m not expecting you to do that,’ Jess replied. ‘We’ll just sleep back to back.’

‘Okay,’ Dean said. ‘I need to take off my boxers as they’re soaked through.’

‘Okay,’ Jess replied

‘So don’t look.’

‘Married lesbian remember,’ she said, taking another mouthful of stew.

Dean pulled off his shorts.

‘Hungry for a Spanking,’ Jess said, giggling. Dean froze, feeling some movement in his penis at her cute giggle. ‘Stop looking.’

I’m not!’ she protested. ‘But it’s pretty hard not to in this small space. Besides, you looked.’

‘No I did not,’ he insisted.


‘Have you finished eating yet so I can get warm?’

but Jess dropped her spoon into the empty bowl and pulled the duvet back over her breasts. ‘Yes all done.’

Dean looked over his shoulder. ‘Well turn around then,’ he said irritably.

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