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Make Up with Me and My BFF


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Stacy Cruz is so upset about splitting up with her cheating bf, her bestie Isabella De Laa persuades her the best way to get over him is to burn her pictures of him. But just then, who should crash their pyjama party but Brian Ragnastone himself! He swears to Stacy on his knees that he wasn’t cheating, and persuades her to take him back, kissing her and licking her pussy. But Stacy isn’t the only one he’ll have to persuade! To get back on her BFF’s good side, Brian licks Isabella too, as the protective brunette joins them for a make-up threesome. These girls can’t stay mad at anyone who makes them cum so much, then fills Stacy with a creampie that Isabella licks up!

“I saw you guys fucking. I watched it all a few weeks ago,” Cole, answered with his right foot twitching manically as he sat with his legs crossed.

“Oh,” I nervously replied, dumbfounded.

“I know my brother’s not a queer… What did you do to entice him?” Cole asked with a hint of menace in his tone.

“Nothing, he demanded a blowjob from me,” I tried to proffer, before being interrupted.

“Bullshit!” Cole snarled, before continuing, “You know nothing about us, so let me put you in the picture,” Cole barked.

“Although our father looked like a fuckin’ hobo, he owned a shitload of land in this area. My brothers and I will not ever have to work a day in our lives. Farmers all around lease our properties annually, and the income is substantial. Harley is a mindless cunt, and I keep him on a tight leash financially. My theory is that you offered him money for sex,” Cole spat at me.

“No, I didn’t… He loves me sucking his dick and likes fucking me,” I muttered with all the sincerity I could muster. “I swear I gave him no money,” I concluded.

My entreaty seemed to strike a note with him because his demeanour became calmer.

“Please understand that we brothers’ are very wary of gold-digging bitches. That’s why we rather frequent whorehouses in the neighbouring town,” Cole explained.

I inwardly laughed at this suggestion. Although I knew that Cole was the only brother that scored at the pub from time to time, the free-range pussy in town were hardly queueing up to get fucked by the trio.

As he stared at me, he surprised me by saying, “I don’t have a big cock.”

“Neither does Harley,” I murmured before adding, “But he is very satisfactory.”

“Really?” he questioned with an intriguing tone.

“Sure,” I whispered.

“Mmm, Hank is the lucky one of us three. He takes after my mother’s well-hung father. Cole and I were always envious of him when we were growing up,” Cole admitted.

This information excited me because Hank had always been my favourite, not that I believed I had a fighting chance with either him or Cole.

As Cole’s foot stopped twitching, he stood before walking over to me. As he looked down at me, he pushed his shorts down revealing his erect dick.

“So, cocksucker, why don’t you give me a demonstration of why Harley is so enamoured with you.”

As I looked into his eyes, his huge hands cupped my head. Cole was slightly more gifted than Harley was, and his uncut dick was thicker. It was cone-shaped and curled upward like a banana. Cole’s foreskin snout was more abundant than Harley’s was and I could not help myself from allowing my lips from nibbling on Make Up with Me and My BFF.

the taste was far less ripe than Harleys’. Unable to hold back, my hand retracted the hood revealing a less pissy taste. When my lashing tongue got to work, the sounds he emitted were breathtaking. He had a far more sensitive cockhead than his brothers’ and instantly his hands whirled around my head in a dance of delight.

The added affection surprised me and when he leaned over to kiss me, I was gobsmacked. The kiss was also more sustained than I had anticipated and I reciprocated enthusiastically. Like a bitch in heat, I moved back onto the sofa and let him kiss me properly. His large frame was magical as I got compressed against the sofa. My entire body shuddered with delight as he fully encompassed me and continued kissing me.

“Listen, Paul, won’t the bed be more comfortable?” Cole eventually asked.

“Sure,” I almost yelled.

Once we got undressed, I had a good look at Cole. He was, naturally, far larger than Harley was but also much less hairy.

To my delight, our kissing instantly followed. When I finally fell to my knees, I continued sucking his dick, which happily, was also thicker than Harley’s cock. Again, Cole’s sensual hand action ensued. As I began wondering if he would fuck me, my question got answered when he lifted me and pushed my body onto the bed face down.

When I heard no spitting sounds, I prepared myself for a dry entry. Make Up with Me and My BFF, the double strike from the brothers negated my discomfort, and soon my arse adapted to his infiltration. Once more, Coles’ approach was far more sensual than Harley’s was, and soon his extra girth was tantalizing my backside enormously. A bonus was that he soon lowered his torso and started nibbling on my neck and ears.

An additional windfall for me was that horniness ran in the family, and Cole only departed early the following morning after repeatedly fucking my head and arse.

An interesting dynamic now emerged, with Harley visiting me in the mornings, and Cole in the evenings. Harley generally retired early at night, because of the medication he was taking. I was disappointed that a Ménage a Trois did not occur, but reasoned that the brothers preferred to keep our tête-à-têtes private, uncomfortable with their ‘Make Up with Me and My BFF’ trysts. Needless to say… I had no complaints.

There is a belief in life that things, happen in threes. Fortunately, I soon found this to be a pleasant fact.