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Your favorite Reality Kings firecracker Kylie Rocket rented out a big, beautiful house to shoot in. As she’s giving RK the tour, who should arrive but her bestie Gizelle Blanco! The babes catch up and decide to take some naked pics together. Their reminiscences about the first time they shot together soon turn to them sucking each other’s tits on the couch, and before long they’re 69ing! The girls finger each other and trib before Gizelle sits on Kylie’s face.

“Fine, it’s been real, Dr. Jacobs,” I said, standing.

She scoffed again, but stood with me. “I have an idea, Jared. If this doesn’t work, then nothing else will, and you might be fucked.”


She yanked me to her and kissed me.

“Whoa,” I protested, backing away. “You and me to go to Kenna and tell her I want to do it with her, and when I refuse, you just want to get laid?”

“No, smart-ass, find out what it’s to fuck another woman that’s not Kenna,” she spoke, closing the gap.

“You’re my therapist, though; I’m pretty Kylie’s New Crib sure it was taught in one of your classes that you’re not supposed to have sex with your patients.”

“It came up several times, actually,” she mentioned, undoing her blouse. “Yet, that’s not stopping me from helping one dumbshit patient,” she made clear, taking it off herself.

Then I saw her breasts come into the light, but with a bra covering them. She wasted no time getting off her skirt as well, leaving her in just her bra and underwear. Whether I liked it or not, I couldn’t help, but to ogle her.

“You’re black, and you want your white step-sister,” she reminded me, coming to me. “Now you’re gonna fuck your white therapist to remember how much you want her,” she told me, feeling my crotch. “That’s a mighty big one, and even though I’ve never even met Kenna, I’m not sure it’ll fit in her mouth.”

“What are you flattering me now?”

“No,” she responded, undoing my pants. “Tell me this: when was the last time you had sex?”

“You know damn well it’s been months, Ms. Jacobs.”

“I’m gonna have to ask you to refrain from lashing out; it won’t be tolerated forever,” she made clear, pulling out my cock. “Now that you’re feeling my bare white hands take off my dark green bra and feel my tits.”

I bit down on my bottom lip again and closed my eyes.

“That’s fine; imagine I’m Kenna if you need to Kylie’s New Crib, do whatever makes the lightbulb brighter.”

“May I at least kiss you first?”

“Yes, you may do anything you want if it’s in your interest to tell your step-sister you want her.”

I took a deep breath and kissed her. I still pictured her as Kenna, even though they had different body types. Kenna had smaller boobs and butt and was a little shorter too, but I took the bait from my therapist and gave her a chance.

As we kept kissing, I calmly brought my hands to her bra clasp and undid it. Then she calmly released my pecker and took it off herself without parting her lips. She even took it upon herself to bring my palms to her jugs as well.

I jolted and stopped kissing her. That didn’t stop her from doing it, though. So, in the span of a couple of minutes, I had sweat going down all over my body, but for one good reason. I knew it was wrong to do it with her, but I still gave her a chance.

After a couple of minutes, she calmly backed away. “Now, how do you feel?”

“Good, but for purely sexual reasons.”

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“That’s good, but we need to push you to be emotionally satisfied, so you’ll be more than happy to bend over backward to make Kenna more than happy to allow you into her panties. She already knows you love her as a step-sister,

I helped myself feel her boobs again, but I still pictured her as Kenna. Even the doctor easily had at least a full cup size on her.

“So, don’t hold back, Jared, tell me: what do you want to do with Kenna? Do you wish to give her your cum? On your tits or face, perhaps? Spare no dirty details.”

“I don’t fucking know, Dr. Jacobs.”

“Come on, dig deep and admit to me first. If you can’t confess it to me, who can you tell? I already know you want your dick in her mouth. I know you desire to shove it down her throat too.”

“No, I respect her, and I’d never want to make her feel uncomfortable.”

“Good, because you don’t want to just have sex with her once, but a million times from here to eternity, correct? There’s literally no shame in admitting it until you did want to do something against her will. You’ve already made it clear that’s not the case, so divulge it all to me,” she implored me, giving me a mean hand job.