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Getting Under the Hood


Getting Under the Hood

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Brunette hottie Hazel Moore knows nothing about cars, so after a shady repair shop gives her some bad advice, her BF has his friend Alex Legend come by to take a look under the hood. Alex can’t help sneaking a look at Hazel’s booty in her tight green dress first as she bends over, and once he assures her that there’s nothing wrong with the car, she wants to thank him with a blow job! Hazel assures Alex she won’t tell her man about any of this as she sucks him, then he plays with her big tits. Hazel gets that big dick she wanted that really gets her motor running!

They got back to the guest house and the proprietors will still busy with the second meal sitting so Charles and Helen went to Helen’s room. Charles’s room was one floor further up and he would have to pass a couple of other bedrooms to get to it so he made a mental note to try to be quiet when he did eventually go to his room.

Once inside Helen’s room, the couple kissed and hands roamed a bit, but the hand roaming was not yet intimate.

“You are sure about this, aren’t you?” asked Charles, just in case Helen was having doubts.

“Of course, aren’t you?” replied Helen, hoping that Charles was not having a change of heart.

“My dear, there is nothing that I would rather do right now than make love to you,” said Charles.

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“Oh, how gallant; Wouldn’t you rather fuck me?” said Helen, who then shrieked with laughter.

“Well, that as well,” replied Charles, when he stopped laughing at Helen’s remark.

They kissed, this time much more passionately and hands roamed to more private parts, Charles caressed Helen’s large arse as she put her hands on his buttocks and pressed their bodies together. Charles’ now erect penis was being ground against Helen’s crotch.

Hazel Moore held her arms up so that Charles could remove her T-shirt and Charles then caressed Helen’s large tits in her bra.

Helen undid Charles’ shirt and that came off and Helen then undid his trousers and started to lower them. Hazel Moore caressed Charles’s penis through his underwear. “Impressive cock, Mr Meadows,” breathed a very turned on Helen.

“Thank you, Mrs Piper, see how you excite me,” replied Charles, now undoing Helen’s bra and letting her breasts swing free.

Helen pulled Charles’s underwear down to his thighs and lovingly wanked his cock as Charles tongued her nipples.

Charles undid the zip on Helen’s trousers and lowered them before pulling her knickers down at the back and caressing her bare arse.

There was more kissing and then Helen got out of her trousers and knickers and Charles out of his trousers and underwear, they then kissed once more as Helen stroked Charles’s erection and he fingered her wet cunt.

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They got on the bed, Helen on her back, and Charles eased his cock into her. They kissed as Charles went deeper and then Helen raised her legs as the lovemaking started. There was no need to hurry, so they didn’t as Charles slowly moved his hips as his rigid cock slid in and out of Helen’s saturated vagina.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” murmured Helen as a man that she had only first set eyes upon just over twenty-four hours earlier gave her feelings that she had not felt in years.

Lovemaking was slow and steady as the two mature people sexually excited each other. On and on it went as Charles’ penis and Helen’s sexual areas stimulated each other.

Charles raised himself on his arms as he looked at the very attractive face of the woman that he was fucking. Helen sensed that he was looking and she opened her previously closed eyes and smiled. Charles smiled too and then gave three rapid thrusts, causing Helen to laugh and then groan at the change. “Um, fuck, shit, bastard,” laughed Helen, who was now very close to cumming.

Charles relaxed his arms and lowered himself before taking two very slow and deep thrusts before four rapid thrusts of his hips and that made Helen’s body tense and then she yelled as she came. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” shouted Helen, as she dug her fingernails into Charles’ back.

“Oh God, Charles, that was amazing,” said Helen, once she had calmed.

“It was great, wasn’t it?” agreed Charles.

Moments later they heard voices nearby and the door to the room next door opened and closed so at least there had been nobody in there whilst they had been fucking.

They could hear voices from the next room but not what was being said so Charles and Helen conversed quietly.

Porn Stars: Alex Legend / Hazel Moore