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Two Dicks For My Girlfriend


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After Kyle Mason walks in on his buddy Will Pounder getting a BJ from his hot girlfriend Alyx Star, he’s shocked when Alyx not only shows him her big tits but sucks his cock, then rides him behind Will’s back! What Kyle doesn’t know is that Alyx loves all the cock she can get, and Will loves giving it to her, so he tells Kyle to follow him upstairs. Will blindfolds Alyx and gives her a deep pounding before tagging Kyle in. Alyx loves using both cocks as she gets fucked twice as long then covered with double the cum!

Andrew was naked on the bed, his impressive penis almost ready for action. He went and showered and brushed his teeth and returned to the bedroom. Rachel was naked face down on the bed, one last hope that Andrew would play with the arse that she was displaying and not spank it.

“Get over,” said Andrew quite sternly as he moved a chair and sat on it.

Rachel got off the bed and placed herself over Andrew’s knee. He spanked her bare arse hard and fast and her already bottom started to glow. He spanked on and on but probably did not spank her for quite as long as he would have done if she had not had the earlier spanking.

Rachel was very turned on, as was Andrew.

Once he had stopped spanking, he gently caressed Rachel’s backside. “Now we fuck,” said Andrew, softly.

Rachel got off his lap, and her hands automatically went to her buttocks. She lay on the bed, legs spread. “Would you like it from behind?” asked Andrew kindly.

“I just want a fucking. Take me however you want,” replied Rachel, getting onto her hands and knees and thrusting her crimson arse back towards her husband.

Andrew slid his throbbing penis into Rachel’s wet and longing cunt and he fucked her at varying speeds.

“Mmm, yes, yes, fuck, fucking hell,” shouted Rachel as she came for the first time and she yelled something similar not long after when she came again.

Rachel came a third time before Andrew ejaculated into her cunt.

It took them a while to get their breath back, but eventually; they lay cuddling, friends again.

“I never told you, but I have often fantasised about getting a spanking with people watching,” said Rachel, after a while.

“Fuck! Really?” responded a surprised Andrew.

“Yeah, this afternoon rather turned me on and I brought myself off when I came indoors,” confessed Rachel.

“You naughty girl, I should spank you,” laughed Andrew.

“Hmm, I think I have had enough spanking for a while,” replied Rachel, but both of them thought about the possibility of another public spanking one day.

The seven couples, including the hosts, that had attended the BBQ had all had sex. The public spanking had been a turn-on for all.