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Teasing the Cameraman


Teasing the Cameraman

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We kept our son back a year in grade school and that turned out to be a very good decision for his academic progress, sports participation, and maturity. It also was helpful as I found my marriage deteriorating. I had a tremendous amount of challenges, given my husband’s increased drinking and abusive behavior. Finally, I threw him out of the house and life became more predictable and calm, albeit lonely in some ways. My son was also a companion and we grew Teasing the Cameraman.


At the age of eighteen, my son had a full life in his final year of high school. He had developed physically and was a state contender in wrestling. Our equanimity was upset one night when his father showed up at our house in a drunken and belligerent state. I was in terror, but my son removed him physically from the house and made it clear he should never return again.

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I was both proud and relieved by my six-foot-tall son’s actions. we said, ” Well Jason, I guess you are the man of the house now.”


He never thought any more about that comment until two days later. I was walking down the upstairs hall when my son came out of the bathroom completely nude. He had his towel over his shoulder and gave no reaction to the fact that his thirty-seven-year-old mother was standing there. My mouth opened, but no words came out, as I scanned his broad shoulders, developed chest, and the generous-sized circumcised penis swaying back and forth with each step. he said, “Jason, aren’t you going to cover up in front of your mother?”


He then heard the reply: “Well you said that I was the man of the house now.” She continued walking to his room without any sign of embarrassment.


I had no reply as I reflected on the meaning of his comments and quickly walked to my room, shutting the door behind me. I stood with my back against the door, first visualizing his body in my mind, then thinking about his words. Certainly, he did not mean taking any liberties with his mother beyond what had just taken place. Although I kept telling myself this, I felt an unusual stirring somewhere in my body. Did he think he could get physical with me? He could not possibly be thinking that.


Subsequently, I would encounter Jason completely nude at different times. Each episode affected me and I had to increasingly ask myself why. I told myself that nudity is normal, we are family, and it should be completely natural for him or even me to be in the house nude. The thought of me being nude in front of him seemed like a payback, but also seemed to excite me in some way. Let him see his mother nude, and see how he reacts? I did not know if this was a good idea, but something drew me to it.

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I also confessed to myself one night, that seeing his nude penis and body did stimulate me. Was this wrong? It must be, I told myself. Yet I found myself fantasizing about seeing his penis one night as I touched myself in bed with the door locked. It seemed naughty, and in my fantasy, I called it a cock for the first time. Does a mother call her son’s penis a cock, for goodness sake? I tried not to repeat this fantasy, but it seemed to take hold of me and my orgasms were increasing strong. I would shake my head afterward with self-criticism. It seemed as though I was of two minds. One mind was telling me to stop as it is wrong, the other called such thoughts an innocent and harmless exploration of my sexuality.


I began to rationalize excuses for my hidden behavior. Why shouldn’t I enjoy his body, didn’t I birth him? Didn’t I bathe him? Didn’t he come down the very vagina that I was fingering with increased intensity as I pictured his swinging cock? I wondered if he also masturbated (of course he does) and what it looked like for him to ejaculate. The thought of him ejaculating, his cum squirting out of that cut penis, drove me to distraction and took my breath away. What is wrong with me?


Almost challenging him, with Jason knowing that I wanted him to see me looking at his penis with some kind of interest. It was only a natural and loving interest, but why not be open about it? I looked for any changes in his behavior, but I could not detect any. Was he masturbating to his mother? My pulse would quicken when I wondered this, seeing him cum in my fantasy while he dreamed of my body. Oh, I had to stop these lustful ruminations.