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Project DTF – Season 2: Wel-CUM Back


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The Project DTF house is ready for a new crop of pornstars and a whole new batch of sexploits! On Day 1, host Ricky Johnson welcomes our five sizzling starlets, Roxie Sinner, Scarlit Scandal, Diamond Banks, Gizelle Blanco, and Mila Monet. The girls introduce themselves and find their rooms before the three hung hunks arrive: Air Thugger, Oliver Flynn, and returning DTF alum Damon Dice. The stars break the ice with a game of DTF Pong.

which has a twist: each cup has a naughty dare underneath, and pretty soon the lapdances and blow jobs turn into an all-out orgy where Roxie hits her body count of 100–but she’ll have to watch the footage to figure out exactly who was her 100th! After the orgy, the pornstars hang out in the house: cooking dinner in the kitchen, checking out the hot tub, and twerking in the living room. Mila even shows off a party trick with a pingpong ball! Recording her confessional gets Scarlit horny, so she brings in Oliver to fuck one-on-one and eat his cum.

The next morning, John awoke first. Sliding out from between his lovers, trying very hard not to wake them, he went to the washroom to take care of his morning business. Returning to the room, he saw the girls snuggling and kissing, their bodies wrapped around each other. “You two are insatiable!” he said, shaking his Wel-CUM Back.

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“Oh, Laura, you say the nicest things!” she replied. John just stood leaning against the corner of the wall, his cock rising at the view before him. “Look,” she said pointing, “your husband has another erection!”

“Whatever shall we do about that?” asked Laura, grinning broadly. “Do you think he would like to fuck us with that erection?”

“I think he might,” answered Pat. “But I have a better idea.” She reached over to the nightstand and picked up the camera, handing it to Laura. Looking John directly in the eye, she said firmly, “I think he should masturbate for us.”

“You know,” answered Laura, “I think that is a marvelous idea!” She gestured to the chair by the desk. “John, darling, would you be so kind as to show us how you pleasure yourself?”

“but That’s not something I would usually do with witnesses but, after everything that’s happened so far, why the fuck not?” He sat in the chair and took his cock in his hand. “I will need the proper visual assistance,” he said. “Would you ladies be so kind as to continue kissing?” They both smiled deliciously and began kissing again.

to clarify John got up briefly to get the bottle of lube that was on the nightstand and to retrieve a washcloth from the washroom. Noticing it in his hand, Laura said, “You won’t be needing that, you’re going to come on our faces and we’re going to clean each other off!”

“As you wish, M’Lady,” he replied and sat back down. “Wel-CUM Back.”

but He applied a generous dollop of lube to his cock and began stroking it slowly as the two women kissed, their hands occasionally sneaking between the other’s thighs for a quick rub. Every so often, the women would sneak a glance over to watch. Every time he opened his eyes, they would go back to kissing for a few moments.

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in short It didn’t take long, only a minute or so later before he moaned, “If you want this, you better get over here!” They scrambled off the bed and knelt in front of him, shoulder to shoulder. Laura handed him the camera.

“Come on, baby, do it! Come for us!” Laura urged.

“Yes, please, come for us!” echoed Pat. The women kissed again briefly.

“Oh, fuck! Here it comes!” he grunted and pushed his hips forward just as the two faces beneath him touched together. Fingers and tongues replaced his hand as he came, white globs of semen landing on their faces. He felt one set of lips on either side of his shaft as they slid along it, two tongues coaxing the last of his cum to the tip. “God Damn! You girls are good!” he exclaimed. but They smiled up at him before commencing to clean his cum from each other’s faces. He knelt down and joined in, opening his mouth to receive the dollops of sticky white fluid from their fingertips as they fed his own cum to him.

“I think he likes the taste of himself,” purred Pat. Laura nodded.

“There’s not much to it, really,” he answered, “I just figure bu I shouldn’t ask you girls to do something I’m not willing to do.”

“I will remember you said that,” Laura said mischievously. “I have other fantasies I’d like turned into reality!”

“Oh, such as?” he asked.

“Such as two men at once,” she answered. because He’d been shocked when they previously talked about expanding their sex lives, and she had given that idea a hard no. “And something else, maybe.” Wel-CUM Back.

“If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, that’s not gonna happen!” He was adamant on that one.