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Getting GF Off the Phone


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Michael’s GF LuxuryMur is on the phone with a friend, but he’s too horny to wait! After checking out her tight body in her bright red lingerie, he starts playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy. Luxury tries to swat his hands away at first, but she gets horny enough to take his cock out and suck it. She keeps chatting as he fucks her pussy doggystyle, missionary, and even as she rides him! Maybe Michael can’t get his girl off the phone, but he can at least get her off.

“Randy, do as your God damn told. Get your arse across to next door. Would it hurt you to do something for someone other than yourself?” dad snapped at me. I did expect that usually, it was mom doing the yelling.

“Goodness me, will both of you stop taking the Lord’s name in vain. It’s like I’m living with heathens,” Mom added, annoyed at both dad and me.

Ten minutes later, I was standing on Mary’s porch, soaking wet. It really was pouring down right now. I knocked loudly on the front door, and Mary opened it. She looked like an angel standing there in a nightie I had only ever seen in a Seer’s catalogue. It was short way above her knees. Even though it was covered in a floral pattern, it was still transparent enough to make out her perfect body with the hall light on behind her.

“Randy, you are soaking wet. Why on earth did you use an umbrella? Come on, come inside and get you out of those wet clothes. I don’t want to be responsible for you getting a cold,” Mary said, dragging me through the door.

“It’s ok; I bought my pyjamas. I will just change into them,” I said, holding out a bag in front of me.

“Ok, good, come on inside. I will make us both a hot chocolate while you get changed.”

Mary disappeared. I thought into the kitchen to make hot chocolate, I wasn’t sure where to change, so I just dropped my wet jeans and underwear in the living room. I heard a loud gasp and looked up. Mary walked back in with a towel in her hand.

“Oh My God. Randy, what are you doing?” Mary said, her eyes burning into my crotch.

“I’m sorry, Mary, I thought you went to make hot chocolate. I was just putting on my pyjamas,” I replied, not missing the fact that Mary was still looking at my cock hanging between my legs. Which was now rapidly getting harder by the second.

“In the living room? I went to get you a towel from the linen press before showing you to the spare room to get changed.

All I could think about was how damn sexy Mary looked in that short, almost see-through nightie and how she was looking at my cock. Needless to say my cock was now sticking straight out and pointed right at her.

“Randy, why is your penis getting hard? For goodness sake, please put some pants on!”

I loved how Mary was mesmerized by my now hard cock as it pointed towards the ceiling painfully hard. I grabbed my tee shirt and pulled it over my head. I was now standing totally naked in Mary’s living room.

“Randy, I said put your pants on. Why are you getting naked?” Mary said nervously.

“I am putting my pants on, but I didn’t want my dry pyjama bottoms to get wet from my wet tee-shirt!” I lied. I wanted her to see my cock for as long as I could drag it out.

“Ok, but hurry up. You shouldn’t be naked and alone with a married woman.”

“You know, Mary, if it bothered you that much, you could have turned around or left the room. I think you secretly love seeing my big cock. In fact, I think it made you just as horny as it has made me, looking at you in that nightie,” I said, feeling out her reaction.

“That’s ridiculous. I have seen lots of penises before. What makes you think yours is so special, and besides, it’s my house. I shouldn’t have to leave the room. You should control your teenage sexual urges,” Mary said, getting defensive, knowing she had been caught out.

I finished getting dressed, and Mary never turned around or left the room, and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. But I knew if it were ever to happen, I would have to make the first move.

“Give me your wet clothes. I will put them by the fire. You will be sleeping in this room tonight. And I forgot to thank you for coming over and staying with me. I really was feeling scared, but I feel better your here now,” Mary said as she walked into the spare room where I had watched her fuck, Brad.

Just as we walked into the bedroom, a giant clap of thunder exploded over the house. Mary screamed at the top of her lungs and grabbed hold of me. I wasn’t expecting it, and we overbalanced, and both fell backwards onto the bed, hugging each other.

The sky lit up outside the window with lightning, another clap of thunder crashed out right above us, and Mary grabbed hold of me even tighter. Mary’s leg wrapped around my waist as she tried to get as close as possible. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my ridiculously hard cock.

I looked into Mary’s eyes, she looked genuinely scared, and I held her tight against my chest. I could feel hard erect nipples pressing against me just as she could feel my hard cock pressing against her pussy.

The wind picked up outside, and the lightning was almost constant outside the window, as was the thunder crashing above our heads. Suddenly the room went dark as the power went out. Mary screamed into my chest as the wind and rain started pounding against the window. Looking down into Mary’s eyes as the lightning lit up the room, I saw fear, but I saw something else I saw desire and lust.

Taking a chance, I tilted my head down and bought my lips against Mary’s. She didn’t resist and kissed me back, our mouths opening and her tongue sliding into mine. I reciprocated, and suddenly the storm, wind, and rain just disappeared. Nothing else in the world mattered right now but the beautiful woman in front of me.

We kissed for ages before Mary pulled away. I thought she had suddenly had a bout of the guilts. But she sat up and pulled her nightie over her head. Lightning lit up the room, exposing her perfect firm tits and hard nipples. I wasted no time pulling my pyjamas top over my head and then slid my pants down and threw them on the floor.

“I know this is wrong, Randy, and I should be ashamed of myself, but if we are going to die in a tornado tonight, I want to make love to that gorgeous penis of yours first,” Mary whispered in my ear as she took my face in her hands.

We embraced each other. Our tongues entwined in each other’s. Our bodies pressed hard against each other, our body heat enough to keep us both warm. Mary rolled over on her back, pulling me on top of her, her legs now open as I lay between them.

“Randy, please be gentle, Brad has been my only sexual partner, and you are at least double his size and twice as thick. I’m afraid it might not fit inside me,” Mary said in a concerned voice.

Porn Stars: LuxuryMur / Michael