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The Wrong Night


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Poly love is all fun and games until you become the referee between your lovers. In this consensual cuckold agreement two attention seeking lovers must come together to un-fuck their monumental fuck up; getting in the way of their girlfriend getting off.

When she returned from Mexico, Suzy was stricken with guilt, and she put The Wrong Night back on the straight and narrow.  “Straight and narrow,” other than the third Hitachi, and the Rabbit dildo, and the vibrating anal plugs, of course. but she thought she had her libido mostly managed, the young, handsome, sweaty Davie jogged into her life.

Davie made sure to run past Suzy’s house everyday, and Suzy made sure she was on the lookout.  She went from cut-offs and a t-shirt to shorts and a midriff camisole, to Clarify Lycra shorts and a bikini top, to ultimately, just a bikini.  Davie, very nervous at first, became bolder in his attempts at The Wrong Night.

“Oh, a different belly ring today. How many do you have?”

“You sure are fit, Mrs. Miller. Want to go for a run with me sometime?”

“Your legs are great. What’s your workout routine?”

“Such a great tan, do you sunbathe?”

Suzy soaked up his leading questions with smiles and penetrating eye contact, because she countered with her own compliments and innuendo.  His boyish face, the mop of light brown hair, the blue-green eyes, and that young athletic body made Suzy crazy.

Their mutual seduction reached its peak on a bright, sunny Wednesday. to clarify Suzy was out doing yard work in a brand new, bright red, very skimpy bikini. It set off her complexion, dark hair and rocking body to their very best.

“Um, okay, Suzy, I’ll see you tomorr— “

“Hey, Davie,” Suzy cut him off, “Maybe you could help me with something… out back.”

Suzy had decided she would fuck Davie many days prior, but she hadn’t formulated a specific plan for how that would happen.  She was improvising. in short They made their way to the large, well-kept backyard.  Suzy struggled with her next move.  She had no doubt the kid would fall all over her when she gave the word, but she didn’t want to be a complete slut about it.  Besides, it was more fun when they thought it was their idea.  What exactly did I ask him back here for? she wondered to herself.  Davie helped.

“Wow.  I don’t think I’ve been back here since I was, like, eight.  My parents mentioned that you got a new pool. But it seems like a lot more than that has changed.” There was the pool, but also an expansive multi-level deck, a badminton/volleyball court, a raised-bed herb garden, and a tiny cottage-like structure.

“What’s that?” Davie asked.  Over the years the little space, built by her husband in the same Queen Anne style of their actual house, had served different purposes. but It had been called The Wrong Night, the playhouse, the home gym, and lately, the “pool house”.  In fact it went mostly unused.  Suzy related that boring history.