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Content creator Johnny Love is out in the streets of Miami stopping girls for a game of “Have You Ever?” But when he interviews fiery red-haired, busty babe Jordyn Falls, it turns into a game of “Would You Ever?” as Johnny asks whether she would ever get with a guy like him. Jordyn makes his day, coming home with him and sucking his cock, then shaking her big ass before she tells him just how to fuck her pussy. Would Jordyn like a load all over her pretty face? Would she ever!

Margot looked around sleepily, reached for her phone, and pressed the unlock button to find that it was close to 9 o’clock in the morning. On and off amidst the chirping of birds, she could detect the sounds of splashing water and something like a manual pump from the backside of the mud hut. Through the thick rectangular dried mud window, Margot stared briefly at the crop fields, shining golden in the bright sun. Knowing that the cause of the sound could only be her new host.

Ishita, she looked over at her husband to find him still sprawled asleep beside her. She placed her palm lightly on his chest, against which she had snuggled off to sleep, and gave it an affectionate rub. No sign of movement, he Would You Ever still deeply asleep. She got up, wrapped a robe around her bare body, and walked out the backside of the hut onto the bright morning sunshine.

Because After a month of venturing across the length and breadth of the touristy wonders of India, they had arrived at the small and somewhat remote hillside village where Rio’s sister, Ishita had chosen to settle her life.

In Short For years she had been working on a series of diverse practical engineering projects to help the village community via creative infrastructural upgrades. From his many visits to the village, Rio was well aware of how much his younger sister was loved and respected by the people here, and he admired her all the more for it.

It was only the previous evening that Ishita had welcomed them with undisguised joy to her home of mud and straw that was set aside at a distance from the rest of the village, close to the crop fields and the green hills beyond. Her sharp features and intelligent eyes adorned with black eyeliner had sparkled into a dazzling happy smile, when she met and embraced each of them in turn.

They had spent the next hour or so showing the premises to Margot, watching her marvel at the novelty of being in a large and spacious mud hut, the coolness inside of it and of its smooth dried mud flooring in stark contrast to the heat outside. Having been terribly tired they had had a simple early dinner of fresh delicious local vegetables, rice, and pulses, and called it a night.

Presently, Margot walked alongside the outer wall of the mud hut following the sound of water. The sun was bright and it was already beginning to get warm. Eventually turning the corner of the hut she found her sister-in-law sitting with her back to her. Her smooth yellow skin glistened with water under the morning sun; her lithe.

but curvaceous body arching straight as she brought a mug of water down upon her bare chest. She sat, entirely in the nude on a wooden box on the cemented base of what looked like a tube well. There was a metal bucket in front of her. She was pumping the water out intermittently with one hand while bathing herself from the bucket. She poured another mug over her face and her already wet.

long black hair clung tighter to her skin. It was only when she reached for her soap did she notice Margot standing there. She was clearly taken aback.

“‘Morning, Margo,” she said pleasantly with a smile.

“Oh, morning,” said Margot uncertainly, “I’m intruding, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware…”

“Hey it’s cool, don’t worry. You look like you’ve just woken up.”

“Yeah, can’t believe we slept for over a dozen hours. And he’s still out,” said Margot folding her arms, and looking a bit more comfortable.

“No wonder, after the journey you two have had. But the water here is refreshing,” she said, pouring some over her breasts, letting it flow down her chest and stomach, “You’ll be as good as new after a nice bath.”

“I’m sure. Speaking of, I think I’ll go freshen up myself in the, you know, guest bathroom.”

“I’ll have breakfast ready by the time you’re done, Margot.”

Ishita had granted leave to her caretaker and friend who helped her run the house for the duration of the following week, and Rio had agreed beforehand to help out with some of the household chores.

“Dark blonde… hmm… exceedingly pretty and amorously desirable, shall we say?” said Ishita teasingly. It was a hot day and she had wrapped herself in a thin, plain white saree, with no blouse or undergarments. The silklike fabric wound across her bosom, leaving one shoulder, her midriff, and one side bare for enough air to Would You Ever.

. He had noticed it first when he’d woken up to breakfast earlier that morning and found his sister bathed and dressed in this her mostly usual summer wear in the village.

Porn Stars: Johnny Love / Jordyn Falls