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Unexpected Fluffer


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Busty blonde Angel Youngs is sucking Ricky Johnson’s dick outside when hot redhead Skylar Snow, who’s booked for the next scene, shows up early. She does hair and makeup while Ricky’s pounding Angel’s pussy, then comes in to offer to fluff while she waits. When Angel finds Skylar helping out, she decides to turn her boy-girl scene into a hot threesome!

It was late January 2020 and I was on Tinder being a divorced man in my fifties. I had been on a handful of dates and gotten laid several times. My ROI on the membership fee was well worth it since most women just wanted to meet for drinks, check out our chemistry, and then hook up.


One day I received a notification of a “like.” I opened the app to find a nice-looking black woman’s picture. I quickly read her limited bio and viewed her photos. Nice looking, smaller rack, and a bubble butt booty. I hit the ‘like’ button and sent her a first message.


“Hi LaRhonda, I’m Scott. Very interested in meeting you for cocktails.”


A few minutes passed when I heard my phone ding. It was LaRhonda. We traded messages for about twenty minutes and made plans to meet after work at a bar near her office.


When I arrived, she was already sitting at a small table. The bar itself was an older place and looked straight out of the 1970s. I figured she had picked the location knowing she would not run into anyone she knew. We exchanged pleasantries and gave each other a nice hug. The waitress came over and we ordered drinks. Our conversation quickly turned to sex.


“I’ve never been with a white man before,” LaRhonda confided. “How big are you?”

I smirked, “No, I don’t have a big black cock but I’m packing six real inches. And I’m thick too.”

She blushed and said, “Good to know. Here’s the deal, I like it hard and fast. No pussy eating, but I will suck your cock. I want you to cum in me as I’ve been through menopause.”

She was all business and seemed to be in a hurry. I told her I understood, and that communication would be key. “What positions do you like?” I asked.


LaRhonda instantly fired back with, “All of them. Fuck me in any position you want. But there is one more thing. I want you to take a few photos of me. On the bed before we start, your cock in my mouth and pussy, and your cum dripping out of my pussy.”


A bit stunned I muttered, “OK. But you can’t take a photo of my face or my tattoos.”


“Oh, white boy has some ink. I can’t wait to see your tattoos,” she said.


As we were finishing our drink I asked, “Would you like to leave now or have another drink?”

“I want a shot of tequila,” LaRhonda said firmly.


I waved down the waitress and ordered two shots of my preferred brand, Partida. Soon we were clinking our shots and whispering, “To great sex!”


We left the bar and pulled into the Motel 6 which was just down the block. The young guy at the desk had to hold back his smirk when we registered. I’m sure he’s seen tons of couples roll in for a hookup. I unlocked the room door and let LaRhonda enter first and I followed.


We started slowly kissing on the bed. After several minutes I stopped and asked, “Should we take those pictures you want before we get too hot and horny?”


“Great idea,” LaRhonda said.


I had her stand up and while sitting on the edge of the bed I undressed her. When I look off her bra, I found two perfect tits. Almost like big Hershey’s Kisses. Smallish, but great shape, and for a woman of forty-eight still very perky I thought. My instinct took over and I leaned in and licked and sucked on one tit. She lightly moaned. I wanted to continue but also knew if I continued, we might not get the pictures she wanted.


While I undressed, she pulled back the bedding and propped up the pillows and laid back. “OK, so what pictures do you want?” I asked.


LaRhonda said she was going to play with herself a bit and just take photos from all angles. She handed me her phone and told me, “Talk dirty to me while I do this. I love dirty talking.” Over the next few minutes, I moved around the bed and snapped pics of her playing with her tits, nipples, and pussy. Full body shots and close-ups of her nipples and pussy. She had a large clit when stimulated.


“OK, now get on the bed and I’ll suck your dick. I want photos of me licking your head, deep throating, and sucking your balls,” LaRhonda told me.


I’m thinking, this chick is nasty, and I bet she is a freak in bed. She started giving me head and I took the shots she wanted. After I put the phone down, she told me, “Thanks, but I still need a few more photos. But let’s have some fun.”


We resumed making out, touching each other, and she was very skilled at oral. I kept telling her to slow down as I didn’t want to blow my load too fast, worried I wouldn’t get hard again to fuck her. She edged me three times and my balls were aching. The sight of her sucking my white cock, her deep red lipstick, and her luxe eyelashes was so hot. She kept eye contact with me eighty percent of the time.


I started talking dirty to her again, “Oh baby, suck my cock. You like white dick, don’t you? Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”


She stops and looks at me. “Yes, cum in my mouth. I want a photo of that too. My mouth full of cum and your white dick.” And she instantly went back to licking and sucking my manhood.


I took the photos of that she wanted and started to give her encouragement. “Deep throat my cock baby. Lick my balls. You nasty slut.” I could feel that I’m going to erupt soon. LaRhonda’s cock sucking skills were amazing. I told her, “I’m about to cum, get ready.” She continued bobbing, licking, sucking and I finally released what felt like the biggest bucket of jizz of my life. I grunted a few times with each blast from Old Faithful.


LaRhonda looked at me and tried to speak, mumbling, “Take the picture.” So, with my cock now at seventy-five percent hardness she opens her mouth, the tip of my dick on her lower red lip, and with her glassy watery eyes I snapped the photo. She swallowed my hot sticky man milk and said, “Holy Shit, that was a lot of cum. Do you always cum that much?”


This was not the first time I’ve heard that comment since being divorced. “Yes, but your great skills probably helped too. Damn, girl, you can suck dick,” I told her.


She grabbed for her phone and started swiping through the photos I had taken. “Oh, fuck these are hot. I love the last one! I look like such a whore with a dick in my mouth and Unexpected Fluffer. Oh, my pussy is so pink and wet here,” showing me one of the first few photos.


I was still trying to figure out what LaRhonda’s obsession with the photos was all about, but I said nothing as I didn’t want to ruin a good fuck-fest. She moved up next to me and we kissed again. I tried to ask a few questions about her personal life, but she was very reluctant to say much.


LaRhonda then looked m in the eyes, “Unexpected Fluffer?


I laughed and replied, “Too many the past few years. I’ve turned into a man-whore.”


Now she laughed, “Really, I want to hear about your sex life since divorce.”


I tried to brush LaRhonda off telling her Unexpected Fluffer, like today, and some psycho chicks who were “Stage 5 Clingers.” I explained that both men and women have itches that need to be scratched. Quickly changing the subject, I asked why I can’t give her oral to repay the favor.