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Project DTF – Season 2: Bouncy Bang, Black Light, Bye-Bye


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It’s the morning of the final day in the Project DTF house, so resident chef Oliver Flynn is in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls, while Diamond Banks busts in on Gizelle Blanco and Scarlit Scandal for a little pussy eating in the bedroom, and outside, Damon Dice and Mila Monet are fucking in the obstacle course. When Air Thugger comes upstairs to pound Gizelle’s pussy, Scarlit heads outside to steal Damon away to suck him and get dicked down in the bounce house! After the delicious breakfast, Roxie Sinner rewards Oliver with a nice, lubed-up massage, then rides him till he cums on her big tits. The pornstars head outdoors for some fun in the sun, including a penis pinata, and after dark, they paint each other all over with glow paint for a black light orgy that ends with the guys painting the girls’ faces with cum! It’s always hard saying goodbye, but the Project DTF memories are sure to last a lifetime.

“Wow, you’re looking hot, Nate,” she said, her eyes drinking me in with a look of lust. I stopped struggling, excitement building as I realised what was happening. “I’ve been thinking about making a move for a while now and when you mentioned how helpless you’d be all tied up here. I knew I couldn’t resist, nod if you want me to use you,” she said, her hand electrifyingly running down my chest. I quickly nodded, I’d been fantasising about Vanessa for months now and to have her dominate me would be amazing. “Haha, good boy,” she said, sending shivers down my spine.

She opened the drawer I kept my toys in Bouncy Bang and said, “Oh my, you are a little bondage slut, aren’t you?” She selected a couple of items and walked behind me. I tried to see what she had chosen but I couldn’t quite see. “First, let’s get you properly secure,” she said, suddenly grabbing my handcuffs and tying them to the back of the chair. My heart raced with excitement as I realised there would be no possible escape.

She slipped a luxurious black silk Bouncy Bang over my head, causing me to gasp as all my other senses heightened. I felt her softly kiss my neck, somehow driving me even wilder, before she reached down and caressed my nipples, “AAGH” I yelped as she pinched my nipples, twisting them.

“You’re mine,” she said in an authoritative tone. Suddenly, I felt a strong pinch as she attached nipple clamps to me. I moaned through the gag, the bite of the clamps riding that barrier between pleasure and pain perfectly. “Good boy,” she praised, as she tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, causing me to yelp with pain.

“I’m gonna have so much fun playing with you,” she said hungrily, dragging her nails down my chest and running her tongue along my collarbone. Her soft touch juxtaposed the bite of the clamps and mixed with that sweet pull of restraints gave an intoxicating level of pleasure.

“Oh my, you are a little pain slut, aren’t you?” she said, unaware of the plug inside me.

She kept pulling on the clamps, the pain mounting as tension built, she then yanked my pants down, her free hand running along my thighs, coming ever so close to my rock-hard dick, the blindfold turning the anticipation into torture. I tried to move myself to her hand, desperately searching for some relief.


I yelped as she brought her hand down on Bouncy Bang, sending pain coursing through my body. “Bad Boy!” she commanded, “I expect my submissives to have patience. If you want to be my submissive, I can’t let this slutty behaviour continue, and you do want me to be my sub right?” I nodded vigorously, the fantasy of being hers was almost too good to be true.

“Good boy, now let’s do something about this hard dick of yours.” I couldn’t believe my luck, I was so pent up I thought I’d blow my load if she even touched my dick.

“Aaaagh!” I screamed through the gag as ice was pressed into my dick.

“Quiet!” she commanded.

I complied, adjusting to the cold as Bouncy Bang rapidly softened. I kept my complaints quiet, not wanting to disobey Vanessa. Mercifully she took the ice away, her hands now tugging at my balls, the shock of the cold still preventing me from getting hard as her fingers quickly worked over my penis.