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After a quick dip–and tittyfuck–in the pool, James Angel brings his gf Adaline Star inside for the surprise taste test he’s set up for her! He blindfolds the curvy blonde and has her see if she can guess the fruits and veggies by taste, then slips his cock in her eager mouth too. James gets a taste of Adaline’s pussy before she sits on his cock and gets fucked nice and hard!

I started describing the action for her. “My cock is covered in your juices. Your ass is bouncing as you twerk. Your wetness is soaking my balls and running down my ass crack. Keep fucking me. Just like that you little whore. Take all of my white cock. You’ll only want white cock after today,” I told her.


“You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend,” she said. “You’re so fucking thick” she continued. The speed of her twerking seemed to be going faster and I was close to climaxing. She was relentless.


“I’m close baby. I’m going to fill you with my jizz. Is that what you want baby?” I asked.


“Yes, cum in me. Give me your cum baby. Cum in me!” LaRhonda yelled.


I slapped her ass and grabbed her hips and buried my cock deep in her as I climaxed, “YES! I’m cumming!” I yelled.

As she continued to twerk I felt her pussy spasm and she had a small orgasm. “Oh fuck yes. That was awesome!” she said. “OK, got the phone? Take the photos.”


LaRhonda slowly rose up off my cock. My cock is not only covered in my own cum but hers. Slowly a river of my thick white spunk dribbled out of her pink hole. I snapped a couple of pictures.


She reached between her legs and wiped up two fingers full of cum. She spins around and told me, “Taste our juices,” and she jammed her fingers into my mouth. “Suck them clean too.”


At age fifty-eight this is the first time I had ever tasted my own cum. It tasted a bit sweet and salty. The consistency was gooey and slimy. LaRhonda got more and fed me more. This was nothing I’d do myself but if the gal I just fucked wants me to, sure. It was kind of taboo and hot. I told her, “Interesting taste. The sweetness must be from you.”


She laughed, “I bet that’s the first time you tasted your cum, right?”


“Yes, it is,” I replied

“Good, now I know you’ll remember me,” LaRhonda said.


“Oh, I’ll remember you for sure. The twerking. And the photos. What is up with the photos?” I asked.

She laid next to me and told me, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re a ‘Revenge Fuck.’ I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with a white girl last week and I wanted him to know how it feels. When I get home, I’ll show him these photos and tell him how good you were in bed. Then I’ll tell him if he ever looks at another woman he’s gone.”


I didn’t know what to say. “Wow. I do remember you mentioning a boyfriend as we fucked, but I thought you meant an old boyfriend.”


“I did?” she asked.


“Yes, you told me my cock is bigger than his,” I told her.


“Baby, it is. You’re a great lover. You have skills,” LaRhonda said. “Shit, I got to get going it’s almost eight o’clock.”


We took a nice soapy shower together and kissed a lot. We dried off and got dressed and walked out to our cars. As we hugged and kissed goodbye I wished LaRhonda well when she got home and talked with her man.


“I drive by his hotel all the time. I’ll always have a smile on my face when I do from now on,” I told her.


We both got in our cars, waved, and left into winter’s darkness.

Porn Stars: Adaline Star / James Angel