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NoFaceGirl is making a hot new video for all her fans, testing out some new toys she got: a black wand vibrator and a pink jewel butt plug. But just as she’s shaking her big, round booty for the camera and showing off the plug, her roommate NoFaceGuy comes in! Now that he knows what her side hustle is, his hot roomie invites him to stay and help out. He gets his big, thick cock out and fucks her dripping wet pussy as she twerks on his dick, then pops out her plug and tells him to fuck her ass too!

A month or so later, the bar was busy and I watched as a bit of free-range was about to get taken outside for a fucking. As my voyeuristic inclinations kicked in and I was about to ‘fetch’ something from my vehicle, Hank entered the bar.

Of the three brothers, he was the most handsome and sexy. Hank, however, frightened me. He was most like his sadistic father and apparently his dad’s favourite son. His temper was legendary, and someone you simply did not rub up the wrong way.

“Hi, Paul, mind if I join you?” he inquired.

“No… Not at all,” I replied, saddened that my outdoor trip had got negated.

After ordering his beer, he sat next to me silently for several minutes.

“Where are your brothers?” I finally proffered, to break the impasse.

“Sick in bed. There is a stomach bug doing the rounds and they are shitting and vomiting like crazy,” he replied with a laugh.

“Oh, so you’ve had a shitty day,” was all I could muster.

“No. I’ve had a great day,” Hank surprisingly answered.

“Oh,” I again reiterated.

“Yeah, today a pretty young estate agent called to see, wondering if I wanted to sell any of our family’s properties. She was extremely attractive and I even got to nail her. Whew, she had a tight fragrant pussy, and I muffed her and then fucked her.

“Don’t you love the smell of cunt?” he asked, before farcically correcting himself, “Oh, sorry, you are the village queer, so you won’t know what I am talking about.”

I meekly smiled at Side Hustle Fuck.

After a long pause, Hank continued. “Well, my brothers seem to be fond of you. Have you ensnared them in you homo ways?” He concluded with a thought-provoking stare.

I decided to play it safe, not wanting to spark his anger. “Well, I have a well-stocked booze supply,” I innocently proffered.

“Mmm,” he answered, with a mystified and distrustful grin.

Feeling that the heat in the kitchen was too intense for my liking, I sipped the last bit of beer, before I announced that it was time to leave.

“So, does that mean that your open bar policy doesn’t extend to me?” Hank countered.

“Of course not,” I nervously replied.

“Good… I follow you,” Hank said before slugging down his beer.

Whereas my journeys home with Harley and Cole had excited Side Hustle Fuck, as I looked at Hank’s headlights following me I felt anxious. I wondered if he knew more than he was letting on and planning to teach me a lesson.

Once inside, I gingerly opened my drinks cabinet.

“Wow! You’ve got it all, Paul,” Hank gushed.

After pouring us each a whisky, we meandered through to my back porch.

“You’ve done a great job on this place. I haven’t been here in years, and it looks incredible,” Hank commented.

“Thanks, I am very pleased too,” I added.

As we stood surveying the garden, Hank stepped onto the lawn and rhetorically asked, “You don’t mind if I take a man-piss?”

Hank did not turn his back to me, and facing me pushed the front of his shorts down. The illumination from the porch gave me a clear view of the substantial cock I had heard about. It was fuckin’ impressive. I felt myself get hard as I observed his snout spraying piss all over the lawn. Once the flow ended abruptly, Hank appeared to be in no hurry to pull his shorts up.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked with a lascivious countenance.

With trepidation, I gingerly replied, “You have a very impressive cock.”

“I know my brothers have been fucking you,” he murmured, before adding, “I overheard them talking when popped in unexpectedly. Apparently… Cole saw you and Harley fucking. I then heard them agreeing on a daily routine. Harley, in the mornings and Cole at night.”

At this point, I worried this may be a setup, and that Hank was here to set the record straight and put this perversion with his brothers to rest after Side Hustle Fuck.

As I stood as if a deer caught in the headlights, his eyes alternated between suggestive and authoritative. Exciting as this was, I felt somewhat queasy.

“Why don’t you strip and come over here?” Hank said in a commanding voice.

Oh, shit,’ I thought while removing my t-shirt and shorts.

As I approached him like a lamb getting led to the slaughter, Hank removed his shorts and underpants and tossed them to the side. Next, he pulled his t-shirt up and placed the front behind his Side Hustle Fuck.

Get to your knees he commanded as I looked at the frothy foam of his piss on the grass before him. I did as I got told, sure that his instruction was non-negotiable. With moist knees, I looked up into his lustful radiating eyes.

My stare got met with a torrent of piss spraying out of his cock snout as his left hand locked onto my head and hair.

“I kept some of my nectar for you, bitch, now open your mouth and swallow,” Hank ordered.

I swallowed to the best of my ability. As piss cascaded down my body, I wondered if this was Hank’s idea of retribution and humiliation. As I again stared up into his face, there was a look of maniacal satisfaction. Once the piss had stopped, his harsh mouth transformed into a grimace of cruelty.

Porn Stars: NoFaceGirl / NoFaceGuy