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Advoree Wants Her Snack


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Big-titted babe Advoree thought this vacation was going to be romantic, but her boyfriend is splashing around in the pool ignoring her. Luckily, hot pool attendant Jay Bangher is much more attentive. After he brings her some towels and offers to have her food order sent to her cabin, Advoree follows Jay inside looking for her snack. She swallows his man meat and lets him snack on her pussy before she gets jugfucked and filled up with cock!

“Good, because you don’t want to just have sex with her once, but a million times from here to eternity, correct? There’s literally no shame in admitting it until you did want to do something against her will. You’ve already made it clear that’s not the case, so divulge it all to me,” she implored me, giving me a mean hand job.

I couldn’t even answer because she was making me feel really good. She knew me and probably could predict everything I wanted to do with Kenna, yet, she wanted to hear the words. I clutched her melons and just tried to stay in the game, Advoree Wants Her Snack.

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“Are you thinking about where your seed might land your first time with her? How she might love or hate it regardless of where it landed? Tell me, where do you want to shoot her?”

“On her boobs, Dr. Jacobs. I want her to suck my cock and make me build up a load so big that I cover her rack and keep her tits wet for another week.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere, Jared,” she pointed out, before kissing me. “So, what attracts you to her? Is it solely because it’s taboo, or is she just sexy to you?”


“Are you a boobs or ass man?”

“I prefer hooters.”

She pushed her into my face, and then I felt her also pushing her underwear down. She needed to stand above me to take them off, but then she let me see her entire body. I had to eyeball her again in silence for a moment.

“So, do you think she has a bush like me, or does she shave it?” she pondered, getting back on my lap.

“I think she shaves it, but I have no idea.”

“he don’t want to hear that you don’t know; she want to hear your opinion, your fantasy, and whatnot, Jared. I don’t want to hear speculations on how shit might go down; advoraa want to hear how you want it to go down,” she explained, grabbing my rod. “Would you fancy going down on her? Would it be for her, you, or both?”


“I knew you knew how to listen. Now, tell me you want to feel my pussy on your pecker right now.”

“Advoree Wants Her Snack.”

“Say that again, but call me ‘Kenna.'”


“Don’t question me; just do it.”

“I want you to ride me, Kenna.”

She let my dick inside her slit and grabbed my shoulders. “Who am I?”

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“And you’re going to respect her by not cumming inside her, right? At least not until you’ve both reached that point where you want to get her pregnant, correct?”

“Yes, I respect you, Kenna.”

“Now kiss me.”

I followed her unorthodox tactics and kissed her. She not only wanted me to picture her as Kenna, but she also wanted me to call her that too. I didn’t know what to make of that, but I just did it. Advoree felt her twat walls massaging my dick and making me feel good too.

she kept my eyes closed for the time being and still envisioned her as Kenna. Advoree found it to work and get me even hornier, but surely enough, Advoree wouldn’t know what to do once all was said and done. Still, she Wants Her Snack.

I kept my hands on her breasts too, and still, even as I knew Kenna had smaller bosoms, she had no issue imagining Kenna riding me. We kissed ever so slowly as if Advoree was in love, and still, I had to ponder her method, but I still felt the sexual joy.

After a few minutes, she parted her lips again. “Don’t you love it when you listen?” she wondered, dropping her hands to my crotch. “And next week, I want you to bring her in here. No, fuck that, tomorrow, I don’t need you to change your mind. I want you to tell her how you feel right in front of me.”

“What about taking her out?”

“Fuck that too; Advoree Wants Her Snack, and I’ll even cancel all my appointments tomorrow. I’m gonna make sure I never have to see you for this reason again, got it?”

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