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Alexis Tae is tired of having to cook and clean for her BF while he spends all his time twiddling his joystick and none giving her dick! She’s just trying to get a fuck from Bernard Sanchez while her man’s at work, but he keeps calling while she’s got Bernard’s cock in her mouth or her pussy! Alexis assures the cuck that dinner will be ready soon, but really she’s chowing down on Bernard’s dick. But Alexis can’t hide the evidence when her bf video calls her and sees cum all over her face!

He waited patiently, a few minutes later they emerged, their faces made up with smoky eyes and bright red lipstick but it wasn’t their lipstick that shocked him. Laura was dressed in a corset and garter in black patent leather with black stockings and about four-inch heels. Pat was similarly dressed except instead of a corset she had on a bra. Neither was wearing panties, but that wasn’t what shocked him.

Around his wife’s hips was a black leather harness with a long, thick, black dildo attached, it swung from side to side as she moved. Around Pat’s hips was a similar harness but the dildo she was wearing was significantly smaller and thinner. He was afraid to ask the question that was pounding inside his head.

“What do you think?” asked his wife.

“Wow,” was all he could manage. He stared as his wife ran her fingers along the length of the fake cock. “Ummm, I do have a couple of questions,” he croaked.

“I thought you might,” Laura answered.

“Where is all this coming from?” he asked, “We never talked about any of this!”

“You’re not the only one who watches porn,” she replied. “I watch and then I get curious.”

“Oh, okay, um, where exactly are you planning on putting that thing?” he said, pointing at the long dildo.

“Relax honey, this one is for her pussy, or mine, depending on which of us is wearing it. The other is for our asses,” she said, “or yours, if you’re brave enough.” His wife smiled sweetly, contrasting her look.

“I don’t know about that!” he protested. “We never talked about that either!”

“No, we did not but here’s the thing.” Reaching out to hold his hand, she continued, “I would have been quite happy to never let you fuck my ass, but I know you wanted to, you never said it but I could tell when we watched porn with anal sex in it. “But now that we’ve done it, I like it, a lot! I’d like you to try but we don’t have to if you’re not ready or willing.” Pat giggled. “What,” Laura asked.

“It’s funny, you all dressed in leather with a ten-inch cock hanging out in front of you, talking all sweet and understanding to your husband who looks scared to death you might fuck him with it!” She laughed again before shaking it off. “Never mind me, this is important for you guys, talk it out, I’ll give you a minute. She went into the washroom and removed the harness, hoping she would get to put it to use later. Gazing at herself in the mirror, she thought, “Fuck, that chick is fucking stacked!” She snapped a couple of selfies to post on her profile on a naughty website she frequented. Laura and John didn’t want their faces online but she had no such qualms.

Back on the bed, John reached over and touched the monster dildo. “That’s about the same size as Jean, isn’t it?”

“That’s why we bought them,” she answered. “One for each of us!”

“And the other one?” he asked.

“About your size,” she said, “a little thinner and not quite as long.” He nodded, figuring out what she had in mind. “Kind of makes me a hypocrite, doesn’t it?”

“Little bit,” she said, holding him close, she had to turn her hips to the side to keep from poking him with the fake dick. He chuckled as did she before continuing, “Look, I admit, I fucked up, we should have talked first, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he replied, “I know you get carried away when we’re with Pat, I knew you were up to something, I just didn’t think it was leather and a strap-on dildo to stick in my ass.” She got up and removed her harness.

“What were you expecting?” she asked.

“Maybe a dildo or a vibrator with two dicks so you could fill your pussy and ass at the same time?” he said cautiously.

She laughed out loud, “I can so read your mind!” She reached into a bag and retracted a double dildo, with two appendages, one over the other. The one was about eight inches long, the other about six. “This is my new shower toy! I’d like you to help me try it out later!”

“Not Pat?” he asked.

“She already has one, we tried hers in New York!”

“Ahh, of course. Why am I not surprised?” He shook his head.

Laura climbed up beside him and kissed him, “If I were you, I would not be surprised at anything I do going forward. Since I met Pat, I’ve been turned on to so many things and many more since I started watching porn. I want to try so many things, restraint, bondage, a threesome with another man, group sex, an orgy, and more. I want to try it all!” The excitement was evident on her face. “I’d love you to try them with me, I love you more than anything and I’d love to explore all these things as a couple.” She kissed him deeply and grasped his cock. “But I’ll try them without you if I have to.” She stared at him.

“Even at the cost of our marriage?” he asked.

“No, I won’t go that far,” she said. “But if you don’t expressly say I can’t do it, I probably will. Please, John, I want this so badly! Look how things turned out with Pat, you were reluctant at first but now you love fucking her almost as much as I do! Please!”

He hated when she begged. “I make no promises, but I won’t say no.” They hugged and kissed. “Are we good?”

“We’re good. I’m going to get out of this get-up. Then we’ll talk some more.” She got off the bed and went to the washroom. She and Pat kissed as they passed in the doorway, “He’s not saying no so there’s hope.”

Pat emerged dressed in the same clothes as he was wearing earlier. “Maybe you should get dressed, we’ll go out, have a nice dinner, and maybe later we’ll have some fun.”

Porn Stars: Alexis Tae / Bernard Sanchez