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Spoiled and Satisfied on Mothers’ Day realitykings


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His buddy stayed out all night, so it was up to Nade Nasty to make a special Mothers’ Day breakfast treat for his friend’s hot mom, Ms. Dani Valentina. Dani is impressed at the lengths her son’s friend went to to make sure she’s spoiled and satisfied on her special day, but delicious pancakes and juicy watermelon are only the beginning. Nade nibbles a piece of fruit out of Dani’s spectacular cleavage, then squirts whipped cream on her massive tits and licks it off. Dani brings this thoughtful young man into the living room to show her appreciation with a blowjob, then teaches him just how satisfying a MILF can be!

I hate working on Saturdays but you can’t have everything in life. It was 2.30 pm and surprisingly I was able to finish my work which was supposed to go until night, so  I rushed out of my office to be with my kids. I didn’t have to worry because of  Nina, my babysitter, who  has been with me for a while and even does some household work. She didn’t complain about my many demands because I paid her generously. She was 21 years old but looked a bit younger and very devoted to looking after my two kids who were twins.

I drove over to my place before I parked, I noticed a 1970 Hellcat Charger parked across the street.

Inside the house felt weirdly silent. I didn’t hear the kids. The TV was off. It was lifeless. The kids have dozed off on the couch. The nanny was nowhere to be found. It’s been a while since I’ve hired her and she didn’t seem like the person to be irresponsible and slack off. Maybe it’s an emergency, but she should’ve called or at least left a message.

On the kitchen counter I found two beers open. Now I didn’t mind her having beers, but not while alone with the kids, she is barely legal to drink. I got pissed off. I went through the corridor to check the bedroom, if she’s sleeping on the job. Then I heard it.

It was a soft groan. Sex noises. The door to my bedroom was ajar. I peered to catch a glimpse of the insides. Nina was on her all fours completely naked. There was a kid behind her, holding her hips, his face contorted, forehead wrinkled , he was trying to fuck my babysitter. I could see his skinny dick, glistening with a condom, weakly going in and out of Nina. IT was a terrible performance, Nina seemed to be enjoying it. They still didn’t notice me.

He had kept his shirt on. The condom was still on his dick, while he ran for the window and bailed out. I saw him out the window running to the Hellcat, revved the engine and sped off.

I moved my glare towards Nina, she was trying to cover herself with the blanket. The blanket used to stink a lot. Now I know why. It’s the kid’s cum. The realization made me furious. Nina started stuttering and stammering trying to explain her way out of this. I didn’t pay attention to her and ignored her, but kept glowering at her.

“I’m disappointed”, I told her coldly. She freaked out more. And started begging me and apologizing. I didn’t care. she walked to the dresser, he was tired, I removed my jacket and loosened my clothes and untucked my shirt.

I walked towards her bed. “You disrespect me on my bed, while my kids are sleeping”. Her panties were lying on the edge of the bed, she picked them up and threw them away.

“Please…Mr. Brown..It won’t…”  “These sheets smelled of his spunk”, I interrupted her tugging at the sheets she was using to cover her naked body. I tugged harder, she didn’t let go out of fear. I gave her a murderous stare and with a one jerky motion, pulled the sheet off her body and threw it away leaving her naked on my bed.

She didn’t let me see her breasts, she was covering it with her arm, but it was in vain. Only her nipples were fully out of my view and her pussy was right in front of me. It was fully shaved. At that moment I realized how sexy my babysitter was. She was slim but her ass and boobs were large for someone of her frame. My dick was coming into full attention gradually.

Porn Stars: Dani Valentina / Nade Nasty